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Drunk High School Student Knocks Out Power To Several Schools



Why high school students are still driving drunk is BEYOND me?

Back in my day (which is actually applicable for once) Uber wasn’t an option — it was either a DD (designated driver) or a DDD (designated drunk driver). And more times than not, no one was taking the L and not drinking for the night, so unfortunately, drunk driving was a relatively rampant problem in my hometown. Myself included — I drove drunk way more times than I care to mention it, and looking back on it now, thank god nothing worse happened.

This kid isn’t as lucky as I was, though, but I guess that’s the karma he deserves for choosing to drive drunk over a cheap Uber.

According to police, a 20-year-old Clarkston High School student was drunk when he flipped his minivan into a utility pole just after 8 AM. Nothing says your life is in shambles than being a TWENTY YEAR OLD in HIGH SCHOOL whos DRUNK at 8 IN THE MORNING.

As a result of the crash, many in DeKalb County were without power, including two college campuses and a high school. The crash happened Monday morning on North Indian Creek Drive, in front of Georgia Piedmont Technical College.

via WSB TV:

One witness told Channel 2’s Steve Gehlbach he saw the car speeding down the street as he was walking to class.

“Next thing you know, car had flipped over and got a stop sign stuck in the front end and front just gone, period,” said witness David Jefferson. “And I don’t even know if the dude made it out alive, but the car, the pole is gone, just gone.”

Electrical wires trapped the driver in the car, and the roadway was shut down for hours as crews worked to clear the scene and get the driver out safely.

The driver was scratched up, but OK. He was arrested on the scene and charged with DUI. Georgia Piedmont Technical College canceled classes until noon. Clarkston High School kept the children at school. Power was restored to the area just before noon.

The unidentified driver was arrested at the scene and charged with DUI.

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