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SNES Classic Pre-Order: Where, When, & How To Buy SNES Classic Edition

SNES Classic Pre-Order


Nostalgic gamers of the past can finally rejoice as Nintendo finally releases the SNES Classic Edition for our chance to revel in some of the greatest games of the 16-bit era! SNES, which stands for Super Nintendo Entertainment System, was Nintendo’s second hit home console that flooded homes worldwide. The SNES Classic, a small mini version of the console, come packed with twenty-one of the systems’s best games including one that has never seen the light of day, the ever elusive Star Fox 2, and classics like: Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

As with the previous NES Classic, finding one of these units may end up turning into a hair pulling adventure. With pre-orders mostly sold and allocated by now, some sites will have a low stock for launch day and your best bet may end up being going in store to find one.

Read on to find out when the SNES Classic will release and what stores will be selling the unit:

SNES Classic Edition Release Details:

Release Date: September 29th, 2017
Price: $79.99 (MSRP)
Buy Online: Amazon

Let’s admit it right now, it is going to be extremely tough to get one of these consoles launch day online without forking over more than what Nintendo is asking for. So why give into these price gougers when tracking one down in store will do the trick!

According to Nintendo’s official list of retailers that sell their products, the console will be available to purchase at:

Best Buy

Best Buy stores will be expecting the SNES Classic Edition on launch day. While their stock has been sold out online for some time now, expect some shipments.  Stores open at 10:00 AM. The retailer’s online store will also have a pre-sale before the official launch here.


GameStop’s website for the SNES Classic won’t even let you try to pre-order the system, but fans can expect it to make an appearance at GameStop stores on launch day. Stores open at 10:00 AM, although shipments usually don’t come until later so expect a line.


Sold out again online, I told you this was going to be hard. Fortunately, the system should be available for purchase at Target stores when they open at 10:00 AM. Like the Switch shortages happening nationwide, Target has been the most reliable with in-store tracking.

Toys R Us

Toys R Us’ product page for the SNES Classic has been down for sometime after it sold out last month, but it still seems that the system will be available for purchase at the chain on launch day.


Walmart made the mistake of making the system available to pre-order earlier this summer before swiftly cancelling all orders. Fortunately, the retailer should have the system available to purchase on launch day when stores open, even if the product page is down on the website.

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