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True Story: Town Forced To “Apprehend” Squirrels Because They Wouldn’t Stop Attacking People



What if I told you that squirrels were humanity’s biggest rival on planet Earth? Would you believe me?  Of course not — I wouldn’t either.

But, this is the second article I’m writing this summer about a bunch of squirrels attacking people — not sharks, not lions … squirrels.

And how about this weekend’s episode of Rick and Morty? Was there scene about the potential threat of squirrels a coincidental joke, or actually a warning sign?

About two months after I brought you the story of a New York City squirrel who attacked five separate people, I now bring you an eerily similar story out of New Orleans, where a gang of squirrels has literally been apprehended because they haven’t stopped attacking people.

via WWLTV:

Three squirrels have been apprehended and the number of attacks by the animals in Lake Vista may be as high as six, including one that was caught on camera.

The problem of squirrels attacking people in the Lake Vista area prompted the New Orleans Mosquito, Termite and Rodent Control to put out traps near St. Pius Catholic Church Wednesday.

At least 3 squirrels were caught in the traps. There are reports of up to 6 cases where aggressive squirrels attacked people in the Lake Vista area. In one case a man was bitten and has been undergoing rabies shots.

In another case, two parishioners were attacked in the parking lot of St. Pius X Catholic Church.

Consider this your warning people: those f*cking squirrels are up to something, so keep your head on a swivel out there.

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