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Patriots vs. Chiefs 2017: Score, Stats & Live Updates


We have been waiting since February of 2016 for this moment. Football season has arrived! Opening day, the defending Super Bowl Champions, the New England Patriots, face the Kansas City Chiefs in at Gillette Stadium.

Patriots vs. Chiefs Vieweing Details

Date: Thursday at 8:30 PM EST
Location: Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, Massachusetts
TV Channel: NBC


With questions surrounding how the Patriots will perform without their reliable running back, Legarrette Blount and star wide receiver Julian Edelmen, the team would like to prove to the world that they are ready to make another run to the big stage. While they did lose two of their better players, the team compensated by receiving Rob Gronkowski who recovered from injury. Tom Brady playing at age 40 still looks 30; as his throwing ability has not been undermined.

On the other side, the Kansas City Chiefs still are one of the top teams in the NFL. Unfortunately, with Jamal Charles not returning, there may be some issues with their running game. However, the team still has Tyreke Hill at wide receiver and Alex Smith at quarterback. However, the breakout option for the team is their defense. Last year, the Kansas City Chiefs lead the league in interceptions, pass deflections and fumble recoveries.

And the coin flip goes to…The New England Patriots.

First Quarter

Tom Brady throws to Allen who is wide open. However the ball is to high and misses it.

White is handed the ball and get she 1st down.

Brandon Cooks catches a deep ball from Tom Brady.

White runs it to the 30.

Tom Brady throws to Amendola at the 15 yard line.

Tom Brady gets a pass interference call moves them to the 1 red zone.

I think this game may be a blow out.

Patriots run it in but a holding flag is called.

9 plays for a touchdown for the New England Patriots.

Score is 7-0.

Alex Smith hands to Kareem Hunt and first play fumbles it.

Tom Brady throws to Gronkowski for a touchdown however is under review.

Pass was reversed and it is incomplete.

Chiefs get the ball back at the 9 yard line. Score is still 7-0.

They run a trick play and have Travis Kelce call for the snap and get a first down.

Hunt runs again and gains yards. 3 rushes for 25 yards. He looks like he shook off the fumble.

Chiefs are 2nd and goal.

Chiefs score. Harris looks like a basketball player. He boxed out his defender like a forward in the NBA.

Score is 7-7.

New England kicks a field goal.

Alex Smith is sacked on 3rd down and will turnover the ball.

Tom Brady throws it deep however a flag was missed. No pass interference.


Second Quarter

Tom Brady gets the ball in 1st and goal with the holding call.

Mike Gillislee rushes in for a touch down.

Score is 7-17

Alex Smith loses his footing as he falls and gets sacked.

Hunt scores his first NFL touchdown. Score is 14-17

Third Quarter

Tyreke Hill receives a bomb from Alex Smith for 75 yards. Its called a touchdown to take the lead. Score is 21-17

Score is till 21-17. Kansas City Chiefs ball.

Hightower is slow to get up and appears to be injured.

Mike Gillislee rushes for a touchdown for Patriots. Score is 24-21

Tom Brady throws the ball over the line of scrimmage. Patriots kick a field goal and the score is 27-21

Fourth Quarter

Hunt catches a deep ball from Alex Smith. Score is 28-27

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