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Tomi Lahren Lands At Fox News For A “Signature Role”



After a couple months of being unemployed after being fired from The Blaze, Tomi Lahren has landed at Fox News as a contributor. Lahren will also have a “signature role” on a digital product currently being developed.

Lahren 25, is an American conservative political commentator, political operative, and former television host. Best known for hosting Tomi on TheBlaze, she previously hosted On Point with Tomi Lahren on One America News Network before joining Fox News as a contributor in August 2017.

Lahren garnered widespread attention in 2016, with The New York Times describing her as a “rising media star” and BBC News calling her “the young Republican who is bigger than Trump on Facebook”.

Tomi Lahren Net Worth 2017: How Much Is Fox News Contributor Worth?

Tomi Lahren, a contributor and personality at Fox News, is worth approximately $4 million.

2014 – Present

Lahren, who grew up in Rapid City, South Dakota in a military family, graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a B.A. in broadcast journalism and political science in 2014.

Hoping to find an internship in political commentary, Lahren applied to One America News Network (OAN), obtained an interview, and was instead offered the opportunity to host her own show. She moved to San Diego, California and began working for OAN. On Point with Tomi Lahren debuted in August 2014.

In July 2015, a video of her commentary concerning the 2015 Chattanooga shootings garnered widespread attention. Before this, Lahren caused a smaller wave of press attention in March 2015 when she appeared at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference.

On August 19, 2015 Lahren announced that she had completed her last show with OAN. She moved to Texas and began a new show with TheBlaze in November 2015. She has become known for ending her program with three-minute segments called “final thoughts” in which she speaks extremely quickly. These segments have become widely popular on social media, but have been variously referred to as “screeds” and “rants”.

In January 2016, Lahren endorsed Marco Rubio for president in the Republican Party presidential primary.

On March 17, 2017, Lahren made a guest appearance on The View, where she stated that women should have access to abortion and accused those who held pro-life positions of being hypocrites. TheBlaze, whose owner Glenn Beck is pro-life and openly criticized Lahren for her comments, immediately suspended her with pay, leading Lahren to file a wrongful termination suit.

Lahren was suspended from TheBlaze in March 2017 shortly after expressing her belief that women should have legal access to abortion. In May 2017 she began working in a part-time communications role for Great America Alliance, an offshoot of Great America PAC, a large pro-Donald Trump super PAC.

On August 30, 2017, Lahren joined Fox News.

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