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Nintendo Direct August 2017: Top 5 Must-See New Games

Nintendo Switch


The August 2017 Nintendo Direct has come and gone but Nintendo has announced some brand new indie titles that you’ll be playing on your Nintendo Switch in the near future! Revealing over 15 games during the 23 minute broadcast, Nintendo is bringing independent developers from around the globe to create fresh and exciting content for the Switch’s growing library.

From surprise announcements to some quirky, interesting titles Nintendo is pulling out all the stops to make the Nintendo Switch the home for independent games.

Here is our list of the Top 5 titles announced during the Direct:

1. Super Meat Boy Forever

Team Meat

Kicking off the Nindie showcase was the reveal of Super Meat Boy Forever, the sequel to the beloved Super Meat Boy form Team Meat. Coming in 2018, this hardcore side-scrolling platformer will bring all the nail biting jumps and countless deaths to the Nintendo Switch. No release date besides “Early 2018” has been provided at this time.

2. Shovel Knight: King of Cards

Yacht Club Games

Concluding the epic saga of the Shovel Knight games, Yacht Club Games brings the final chapter, Shovel Knight: King of Cards, to the Nintendo Switch when it launches early next year. Featuring the refined platforming mechanics of the original games, Shovel Knight: King of Cards will also feature a brand new card game featuring the games iconic characters.

3. No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again

Suda 51 returns to direct the next installment in the No More Heroes franchise. Featuring lovable sleazebag, Travis Touchdown, and his nemesis The Bat; No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again will follow the two as they are stuck in a game console and must battle their way out through six different game worlds. The trailer shows off Hotline Miami in the background which hints at one of the worlds we could be playing in!

4. Battle Chef Brigade

Adult Swim Games

From the brilliant minds at Adult Swim Games and Trinket Studios comes this one part side-scrolling action game and one part cooking game called Battle Chef Brigade. As players play as either a orc, elf, or human they must battle enemies to collect ingredients to cook meals to survive. This quirky and violent action game looks to be a great addition to the Switch’s library.

5. Morphies Law

Nintendo has always had some policies on the shooters they release on their consoles, never wanting to expose potential child players to extreme violence they look for other ways to make shooters more friendly for all players (see Splatoon). This new game from Cosmoscope seems to do just that while keeping true to the shooter nature. Rather than shooting to kill, you are shooting to gain mass from other players. Honestly… you just gotta watch the trailer on this one if you want to fully understand it.

Honorable Mentions

Floor Kids: Releasing first on Nintendo Switch this Holiday season, this hand-drawn rhythm game features adorable child characters as they break dance on the streets!

Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition: The beloved point and click adventure makes its way to consoles for the first time this Holiday season with its long awaited final act and full game.

Malaka: This 3D action adventure game releases exclusively on the Nintendo Switch next year and it looks to tell the story of ancient tribal customs through action platforming and expressive world building.

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