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Antifa Attacks Black Lives Matter Member In Dallas During Rally Against White Supremacy

Antifa Attacks Black Lives Matter In Dallas, Antifa Vs. BLM


When you turn on certain news outlets, it’s a very black and white experience; you’re being fed a formula of left vs. right, but it’s a lot more complicated than that. Political activist groups from all sides of the equation are trying to get their piece of pie, and as a result, two unlikely adversaries butt heads.

Both Antifa and Black Lives Matter showed up to a “Dallas Against White Supremacy” rally on Saturday in front of the Dallas City Hill. Their rally was close to a Civil War memorial, honoring Texas soldiers who died fighting for the confederacy.

According to the Washington Post, roughly 2,300 people attended the rally. Towards the end, there “was a lot of pushing and shoving” between pro-confederacy groups and the protesters.

But then a video emerged showing an altercation between a Black Lives Matter member and an Antifa member.

Black Lives Matter began chanting for the group to take off their masks and leave. Antifa refused. One BLM member in a cowboy hat appeared to be the leader in the fight against Antifa. He repeatedly told the anarchic-communist in front of him to “take the mask off.”

“Mask off, mask off, mask off,” chants were met with “uncle tom” chants.

One Antifa member walked up to the cowboy hat-wearing BLM man and pointed a bullhorn only inches from his face, creating a loud siren.

The Antifa crowd chanted “he’s a cop, he’s a cop, he’s a cop.” But the BLM member stood his ground. Tensions got even more heated, and the BLM member threatened to knock the mask off the opposing Antifa advocate in front of him. That Antifa member responded by forcefully pushing with both hands right on the BLM man’s face. The Antifa member followed that move up with a punch.

After the attack, both teams broke it up. But hostilities remained.

Black Lives Matter members regrouped and one member of the group became the guiding voice, saying that this kind of violence doesn’t not belong here. Assuring his fellow BLM followers, that they won’t let Antifa infect their movement with violence.

It appears as if Antifa is showing that they believe black lives only matter if you agree with them. They’re coming across as basically the definition of oppressive crackers despite the fact that many of them are white, angry and violent people; they’re out to crack the whip and put people in line by threat of force. They believe free speech to be a breeding ground for fascism and believe in promoting their ideas by means of fear and intimidation to anyone who gets out of line, and it can really be anybody even those in their own group. Media outlets, who claim that this group only fights white supremacists and Nazis, are dangerous and incredibly irresponsible for doing so, as Antifa has proven itself as an entity that will attack anyone who dares to defy them.

Here’s another look into the chaos that happened in Dallas…

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