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Conor McGregor Quotes: Top 10 Best Quotes From UFC Champ


On August 26, Conor McGregor will look to do the impossible and upset undefeated fighter Floyd Mayweather. However, in addition to being an elite striker, McGregor has also gained recognition for his hilarious comments and memorable soundbites in various press conferences and interviews. Here is a list of Conor McGregor’s top 10 quotes:

10. “F-ck the Mayweathers”

In order to get the crowd to show support and mutual hatred for Floyd Mayweather, McGregor got on the microphone and requested that the entire crowd scream “F-ck the Mayweathers” simultaneously. It is an extremely memorable moment and is also unique because he encouraged audience participation.

9. “What you doing with a schoolbag….You can’t even read!”

In one of the press conferences leading up to the Mayweather and McGregor fight, McGregor starts to roast Mayweather about his age and how he is dressed like a teenager despite being 40 years old. McGregor then walks up to Mayweather and then yells at him for bringing a schoolbag to the press conference even though he cannot read. When I first heard this, I fell off my chair. This was easily one of the funniest things that I have ever heard in a press conference. However, I still think that both fighters are after the payday and do not actually mean anything that they are saying. I think that these exchanges were somewhat staged in order to hype up the fight. For that reason, I put it at number nine.

8. “We are rich baby”

At a UFC press conference, Rafael dos Anjos was asked if he would ever fight Conor McGregor despite being at different weight classes. Anjos, the Lightweight champion at the time, essentially said that McGregor was too weak and that it would be a waste of his time. McGregor responded by saying that Anjos is lying and that everyone would want to fight him due to the massive payday. McGregor claimed that whenever someone else is fighting him, that other fighter celebrates with his wife because Conor McGregor just made them rich. It is even funnier because it is somewhat true.

7. “$4.2 billion…..that’s how much I am worth to this company”

Several weeks before this UFC press conference, the UFC was officially sold for approximately $4.2 billion. Conor McGregor took that price tag and held himself completely responsible for the company’s value. This is a phenomenal quote because he is basically telling all the other fighters in the UFC that they do not matter and that the only reason why the company is worth so much is due to himself.

6. “You are gonna need a f-cking army to take these belts from me”

After Conor McGregor won the Featherweight Championship belt against Jose Aldo, he looked to become the first person in UFC history to hold championship belts in two different weight classes simultaneously. In order to do so, he had to win the Lightweight championship against Eddie Alvarez. When asked what he was gonna do when he wins the second belt, McGregor responded by saying that he is gonna put one belt on each shoulder and someone will need an army to take the belts back from him. This quote is great because it shows how confident Conor is and how dedicated he is to remain champion.

5. “I say it how I wanna say it. The king speaks however he wants.”

At a UFC press conference, Conor McGregor elaborated on why he would defeat Jose Aldo and unify the Featherweight belt. After a brief comment from a member of the press, Conor responded “I say it how I wanna say it. The king speaks however he wants.” This quote is one of McGregor’s best soundbites because of the cockiness as well as his disregard for other people’s opinions/feelings. It is also a classic quote because of Ronda Rousey’s reaction directly in front of him.

4. “Nate can only count to five”

Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz partook in several interviews prior to their original fight in UFC 196. In an interview with CNBC, the host of the program asked both fighters to count to ten. McGregor responded by saying that Nate can only count to five. This is one of McGregor’s funniest quotes and also shows off his ability to make insulting comments at the drop of a hat.

3. “I’m looking at your little frame and it reminds me of an injured gazelle”

In another interview prior to UFC 196, McGregor told Diaz that he looks small and weak like an injured gazelle. The quote is an all-time classic because of the sheer randomness to it. Diaz was mocking McGregor’s training partners and McGregor decided to interrupt him to tell him about how he looked like an injured gazelle. This, in my opinion, is one of the funniest quotes in UFC history.

2. “I’d like to take this chance to apologize……to absolutely nobody”

After defeating Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 to win the Lightweight Championship belt, McGregor first went on a tirade about how the UFC did not have his belt ready for him immediately after winning the fight. Afterwards, he took the microphone and made it sound like he was about to say something extremely heartfelt and meaningful. He started to apologize and then he paused and said “To absolutely nobody……the double champ does whatever the fook he wants.” The comment is godly in its own right but the delivery puts it on a different level.

1. “Who the fook is that guy?”

At a UFC 205 press conference, McGregor was asked which fighter on stage alongside him would pose the biggest challenge. Jeremy Stevens quickly interrupted and said that he would. McGregor looked around for a few seconds and saw Stevens. He then said, “Who the fook is that guy?” This quote is phenomenal because of the insulting nature of the comment as well as the Irish pronunciation of the F-word. In my opinion, it is his funniest quote of all time.

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