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Steve Bannon Net Worth 2017: How Much Is The Former White House Chief Strategist Worth Now?


Steve Bannon is on a long list of people President Donald Trump has fired. Bannon had many different vocations throughout his life, from naval officer to investment banker to alt-right news meddler to inside the White House. Stevie Steve (Bannon) has risen from the ranks of a working class background to a life full of controversy and money. Beautiful, beautiful money…

Bannon has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way with his rhetoric. His alt-right message appears to threaten the fringe and mainstream left and even upset those on the regular right. But regardless of opinion, this man is objectively wealthy when it comes to the greenbacks. Let’s just see how much Bannon has banked in…

Steve Bannon’s Net Worth as of 2017: $20 Million

Bannon is rolling in the dough with 20 million smackers to his name. Yup, Bannon is banking it, b*tches. But considering, he’s a former vice president from Goldman Sachs, it’s not hard to imagine why this guy has so much money. He has a lot of cake, mate.

1970s – 1980s

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Bannon attended Virginia Tech and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in urban planning. While attending college, he also worked at a junk yard, and was so dirty after work that his mom would hose him down before coming inside the house. After he completed college, he joined the military, serving as a U.S. naval officer for seven years.

While in the navy, Bannon served in the Pacific Fleet on on the destroyer USS Paul F. Foster. Later he was transferred stateside, working as a special assistant to the Chief of Naval Operations at the Pentagon. During his time in Washington, Bannon also attended Georgetown University, taking night classes to earn his master’s degree in national security studies.

In 1980, Bannon was shipped off to the Persian Gulf as a result of the Iranian-hostage crisis. He was there to assist Operation Eagle Claw, but when the mission failed, his political views began to shift. He went full-blown Reagan after this military screw-up. “I wasn’t political until I got into the service and saw how badly Jimmy Carter f—ed things up. I became a huge Reagan admirer. Still am. But what turned me against the whole establishment was coming back from running companies in Asia in 2008 and seeing that Bush had f—ed up as badly as Carter. The whole country was a disaster.”

In 1983, Bannon finished up his service as a lieutenant in the military.

1987 – 1995

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Bannon signed on with Goldman Sachs in 1987 as an investment banker in the Mergers and Acquisitions Department. The former military man was very successful in the business world. After only two years with the company, Bannon was ranked as vice president.

After his stint with Goldman Sachs, Bannon and his colleagues started up their own company called Bannon & Co, a boutique investment bank which specializes in media. Bannon was very savvy with his business negotiations, talking his way into having a financial stake into five TV shows, including the super-popular Seinfield, which still earns him cash each time an episode airs.

In 1993, Bannon switched focus to earth science, when he became acting director for Biosphere 2 in Oracle, Arizona. He stayed with the project for 2 years, researching earth’s environment, pollution and climate change.

1990s – 2016


During the 1990s, Bannon got involved in Hollywood and produced 18 films, including 1991 Sean Penn drama The Indian Runner and Julie Taymor’s 1999 film Titus.

In the 21st century, Bannon began financing increasingly politically-motivated films, such as Fire from the Heartland: The Awakening of the Conservative Woman, The Undefeated, and Occupy Unmasked.

In 2012, Bannon worked as the executive chair and co-founder of the Government Accountability Institute. During this time, he also helped prop up Breitbart News as its executive chair. In August 2016, he left Breitbart to dedicate his time and energy to a Donald Trump presidency.

2016 – Present

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Steve Bannon was appointed as chief executive officer of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign on August 17, 2016. Upon Trump’s victory in November’s election, Bannon was appointed chief strategist and senior counselor to the President-elect.

Bannon has been accused of racism and antisemitism, and opposed by groups such as  Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the Council on American–Islamic Relations, the Southern Poverty Law Center. However, many prominent Jewish groups and individuals have come out on his defense, disputing antisemitic allegations against Bannon.The Republican Jewish Coalition, the Zionist Organization of America, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, and many more in the Jewish community have defended Bannon against charges of antisemitism.

While Bannon was in the White House, he was deeply demonized and criticized by many protesters/activists and media outlets. In February 2017, Time magazine featured him on their cover, with the title “the Great Manipulator”. Some have even suggested that Bannon is pulling Trump’s strings.

Nearly one year after he signed on with the Trump campaign, Steve Bannon was fired/resigned/quit/whatever. Bannon formerly held the position of chief strategist of the White House. Now, he sees himself on the unemployment line. Sucks to be Steve right now…

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