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Top 5 Most Overrated Fantasy Football Players This Season


(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Fantasy football leagues are drafting all across the country, so in honor of that, we bring you the five most overrated players for the 2017 season!

Darren McFadden

Drafting Darren McFadden is the Fantasy Football equivalent of eating at Chipotle: Sure, everything will probably turn out alright, but there’s also that chance that it explodes from the inside and makes your asshole bleed on the way out, except instead of your asshole exploding, it will be McFadden’s knee and your fantasy team’s dreams.

Forget about how good Dallas’ offensive line is — stay away from Darren McFadden. (More on why Cowboys are sketchy later).

Jordan Howard

I had Jordan Howard last year, and while he’s a fine talent, the odds are stacked far too heavily against him this year, especially with a top-15 draft price. Playing for the Chicago Bears, AKA the Jets of the NFC, Howard not only struggles to catch the ball out of the backfield but will be playing behind either an incompetent quarterback or a rookie quarterback (eventually). 

Going at the same time as players like Demarco Murray, Jay Ajayi, Devonta Freeman and Leonard Fournette, I’d stay as far away from any Chicago Bear this season.

Alshon Jeffery

Jeffery has only put together two complete seasons in the NFL, both of which came while playing across from Brandon Marshall, a true #1 receiver, and with Smokin’ Jay Cutler, your alcoholic uncle’s favorite quarterback.

Now, Jeffrey is playing for a new contract on a new team, so the motivation will be there, but with offenses focusing in on him, as well as his usual injury concerns, Jeffery will once again not be the elite receiver you hoped he’d be. Plus, does anything good ever really happen for the Eagles (AKA the Jets of South Jersey)?

Eddie Lacy

This. Fat. Mother. F*cker. Whenever a 5’11 running back is getting paid not to weigh 255 pounds, you know he either has some sort of eating disorder or is just a lazy piece of shit, NEITHER of which is acceptable on a winning Fantasy Football Squad. And even with all that extra girth on him, you know how many red zone touchdowns the overly-athletic Biggest Loser had last year? ZERO. That’s like being fat and still getting cold in the winter: totally fucking pointless.

Also, Thomas Rawls is a significantly better player and is going about 4 rounds later. If you’re drafting a Seahawks running back, make it Rawls and not the dreadlocked version of the elephant from Horton Hears A Who.

Dez Bryant

There are multiple reasons I’m shying away from Dez Bryant this year, none of which are the fact that he’s averaged less than 600 yards and six touchdowns over the last two seasons.

With no Zeke on the field for half of the fantasy season, Dez becomes the most talented player on the Cowboys’ offense and therefore the focal point of the opposing defense.  With a tougher schedule, an overall Cowboys regression is to be expected. And don’t forget the usual injury concerns that come with Dez, who has limped his way through the past two seasons.

With receivers like T.Y. Hilton, Michael Thomas, Doug Baldwin, and Amari Cooper available in the same neighborhood as Dez, try and pass on the Cowboys wideout if you can.

Fantasy Football Resume:

-2x Champion

-2x Runner-Up

-1x Bronze Medal

-Current League Commissioner

-Had the balls to trade #1 overall pick Antonio Brown for Mike Evans & Lamar Miller in 2016

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