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Here’s The Smokin’ Hot Instagram Model Who Appeared To Be Amir Khan’s Rebound Chick This Weekend


Late last week, former 2-time boxing world champion Amir Khan left his gorgeous wife after he accused her of sleeping with fellow boxer Anthony Joshua. Now, Khan appears to be getting a measure of revenge by partying it up with a new smokin’ hot model by his side in Dubai. Over the weekend, Khan recorded a video of himself living it up with a certified smoke show. He claims that they’re just friends partying and having a good time together. But we’ll never know what happens when the camera stops rolling…

Gulbahor Becknazar is the Instagram model, who partied with Amir Khan over the weekend. She’s originally from Massachusetts, but now lives in the Middle East. Becknazar is a beauty therapist, YouTuber and Instagrammer. Her YouTube account says, “I love acting, and I can’t wait to get my first Oscar.”

Here’s a video of Khan getting up close and personal with the super sexy Gulbahor Becknazar…

Instagram Photo

Just friends, huh? Sounds suspect…

Khan calls Becknazar “his girl,” but that can just be a figure of speech. But let’s put the pieces together, shall we? Last week, Khan felt totally betrayed and cucked out his hot wife. What better way to get back are your cheating spouse than by getting down with an even hotter model? If Khan and Becknazar didn’t get down in the bedroom, in the very least he wanted his wife and the world to see him having fun with an attractive female only days after the break-up. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his regrets…

Amir later went on Snapchat to apologize for his sexy night out with an ultra-hot model. Like why, dude? He was just showing the world and his wife that he’s not a cuck to be f*cked with. Then he flip-flopped and said he was sorry for a night on the town with a hottie. But then again…the man has a family. Faryal Makhdoom is still technically his wife and the mother of his child. So, it’s definitely understandable to have mixed feelings. I guess not even the lovely Gulbahor Becknazar can cure the blues…

I just want to apologise for my behaviour yesterday. I know it’s something that you guys don’t want to see.
‘But it was it’s what my ex-wife’s drawn me to do. Faryal’s drawn me. Her mum’s drawn me. They’ve taken my daughter away from me. She’s in New York. Faryal’s threatening me for me to never see my daughter again.’
‘I don’t want to live like this. I only went out yesterday because ‘m so stressed out with all that drama that’s gone on and I wanted to let myself go.
‘I went out with a group of friends. I don’t drink alcohol. Just don’t use it against me. I did nothing wrong yesterday. I was just so frustrated with everything that’s gone o

Alright. Alright. Don’t feel so bad, Amir. You’re going through tough times. You’ve been hurt. And not many people will cast shade on you for retreating to the realm of super-beautiful women.

There’s a reason why over 25k follow Gulbahor Becknazar on Instagram…

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