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Just Press Play & Celebrate National Underwear Day With The Top 5 Sexiest Lingerie Videos Online


These ladies are sure to turn up the heat on National Underwear Day. They’ll be waiting for you in lingerie, dying for you to press play. What are you waiting for? It’s just one click away!

Alright. Enough with the poetry. It’s time to see the very hottest women of the web. They’ve come to show the world how to be bad in lingerie. Take a seat and unwind. These ladies are sure to give you a good time…

An Ultra-Bad Dirty Blonde Tries On Some Lingerie…Again…And Again

Super bad babe of the internet Christina Khalil is here to model some sexy, comfortable and affordable lingerie. Simply put, she is amazing. She tries on so many different types of lingerie. She’s just…wow. If you ever doubt that the world is beautiful, stop it! Just watch and you’ll know what I mean…

If you’re wondering, she’s modeling Yonis brand lingerie. The company asked her to try on their clothes, and damn…points for both!

Sexy Lingerie Strip Tease By A Porn Star

Her name is Nome Eufrat. She’s a lovely porn star from the Czech Republic. Nome looks excellent in lingerie. What more can I say?

Nome is a 32-year-old knockout! I guess there was something more to say…

Penny…Penny…Penny’s In Lingerie!

Wait…how are we talking about The Big Bang Theory right now? Seriously…I have no clue. But here we are and here is the vivacious Kaley Cuoco a.k.a. Penny…Penny…Penny…

I think I forgot to knock. Anyway, Penny meant to surprise her nerd toy by being sexy. But instead, she treated her fans to something very special.

WWE SmackDown Lingerie Showdown: Torrie Wilson vs. Dawn Marie

Back before the Divas/Women’s Revolution in WWE, you’d see plenty of bikini contests, bra & panties matches, and seductive strip teases from the female talent. Now-a-days, women wrestlers have stepped up to the plate and are putting on some of the best matches in recent memory. But back then, the divas were bad before being bad was cool. Torrie Wilson was definitely the baddest babe on WWE’s blue brand. Between 2002-2005, her image was almost synonymous with the show SmackDown. In this video, she takes on a longtime rival in the form of Dawn Marie.

Here’s a little trivia info for ya: in a 2002-2003 SmackDown story-line, Dawn Marie marries Torrie Wilson’s ancient father. The end of the story saw Marie kill Mr. Wilson with too much hot sex. I kid you not!

Do You Love This Lady Wearing Super Sexy Black Lingerie?

Speaking of bad, this last model takes the cake when it comes to cake. Her body is from another planet, b. Don’t believe me? See for yourself…

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