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Tax Free Weekend 2017: Full Story & Must-See Details


Welcome to Tax Free Weekend! A large handful of states are participating in this three day special. Many shoppers will be able to buy clothing and back-to-school items without the burden of a sales tax. Keep in mind that each state has their own regulations for this weekend free from certain sales taxes. Not everything is covered, even clothing and back-to-school items have their price limits.

Parents and savvy shoppers alike will be able to save on Tax Free Weekend. This time, they’ll be able to purchase clothes and school supplies at a slightly cheaper rate. This weekend is functioning off of the theory that slashing consumer taxes will lead to greater investments into the economy by consumers. It’ll also help your average shopper save a few bucks.

By the way, hats off to the cashiers. You’ll have to deal with a probable storm of customers looking to give away their hard-earned cash for tax free items. It’s what our forefathers fought for, dammit!

Tax Free Weekend 2017: Full Story & Must-See Details

Let’s take a quick at the state’s who are giving a full-fledged salute to freedom on Tax Free Weekend…

Who are the states that are participating in Tax Free Weekend?

  1. Arkansas: Aug. 5-6
  2. Florida: August 4-6
  3. Iowa: Aug. 4-5
  4. Missouri: Aug. 4-6
  5. New Mexico: Aug. 4-6
  6. Ohio: Aug. 4-6
  7. Oklahoma: Aug. 4-6
  8. South Carolina: Aug. 4-6
  9. Virginia: Aug. 4-6

More states will be participating in a weekend free of certain sales taxes. However, these states celebrate Tax Free Weekend on completely different dates. For example, Connecticut celebrates more of a “Tax Free Week” from August 20-26. Massachusetts, on the other hand, only celebrates this occasion for two days during August 19 and 20. Meanwhile, Maryland will be giving their consumers a sales tax break for certain items, from August 13-19.

“The Lone Star State” known as Texas will be celebrating Tax Free Weekend on a different date as well. Old ‘Tex will be kick off this special event on August 11 and conclude this deal on the 13th.

Customers from each state will be looking to wrangle up some deals…

Tax Free Weekend 2017: Full Story & Must-See Details

What items will qualify for Tax Free Weekend?

Every state has its own particular rules and deals when it comes to this special weekend for the customers. Obviously, not everything is covered under this special sales tax free occasion. It’s not an anything goes event…

ax Free Weekend 2017: Full Story & Must-See Details

Keep in mind that states say that’ll not include sales tax for “clothing up to $100.” But this isn’t based on the total price of your purchase, but pertains to a price limit for sales tax exclusion only on particular items. Therefore, if your shirt cost $110, there will be a sales tax included. However, if you buy two pairs of pants worth $99 each, you won’t pay a sales tax (even though, you’re technically buying something more expensive than a one $110 shirt).

Here’s a list of what items will qualify for sales tax exemption per state. I’ve also included states that will celebrate Tax Free Weekend on a later date in August.

If you want to know more about your specific state then just click away on that state’s name…

  • Arkansas: Shopping for you kid in Arkansas? This state has great news for parents looking to buy back-to-school items for their children. Arkansas has no absolutely limit this year when it comes to school supplies. However, clothing does have a limit. The sales tax exclusion will only able to clothes priced up to $100. On the other hand, clothing accessories and equipment has a $50 sales tax exclusion cap.
  • Connecticut – In the “Nutmeg State,” consumers are treated to a sales tax exclusion for clothing and footwear items up to $100.
  • Florida – Meanwhile, in the “Sunshine State,” customers will be offered a deal on school supply items up to $15. Sales tax exemption on Tax Free Weekend extends to clothing items up to $60.
  • Iowa: “The Hawkeye State” will be offering their consumers tax free clothing and footwear on items up to $100.
  • Maryland: “The Old Line State” will also be offering their consumers tax free clothing and footwear on items up to $100.
  • Massachusetts: In the “Codfish State,” customers can sink their teeth into clothing and footwear items that are up $100 each. Those items will have no sales tax during Tax Free Weekend.
  • Missouri: “The Show-Me State” has a hell of a lot of items that will not have any sales tax whatsoever for this special shopper’s weekend. Customers will be able to nab clothing up to $100 without any sales tax. Consumers will also be treated to tax free school supplies up to $50. Don’t forget about your computer geeks, as computer software up to $350 will be completely tax free. Computers up to $1,500 will have no sales tax. Also, computer peripherals up to $1,500 and graphing calculators up to $150 will be sales tax free for this wonderful weekend.
  • New Mexico: This state is known as the “Land of Enchantment.” You may just become swept off your feet with these deals. School supplies up to $30 will be free of sales tax. Other items that will be not have one single cent of sales tax, include clothing up to $100, computers up to $1,000; computer equipment up to $500.
  • Ohio: “The Birthplace of Aviation” has deals so hot, these items might just fly off the selves. Ohio is offering no sales tax on clothing items up to $75. “The Buckeye State” is also wiping out the sales tax for school supplies up to $20 and school instructional material up to $20.
  • Oklahoma: The Sooner State won’t be placing a sales tax on clothing and shoes up to $100.
  • South Carolina: “The Palmetto State” may just cover the most tax free items out of any state this weekend. Southern hospitality will eliminate the sales tax for a wide range of items, including clothing, bathroom decor, computers, printers, and bedroom supplies.
  • Texas: “The Lone Star State” is planning on being generous for Tax Free Weekend. They’ll eliminate the sales tax on clothing, backpacks and school supplies up to $100 each.
  • Virginia: “The Mother of States” will also be taking full advantage of this special weekend of sales tax free fun. Virgina will be exclude charging a sales tax on clothing up to $100 per item and school supplies up to $20 each. This deal might also cover emergency preparedness items.

Remember to be kind to the cashier

There will be plenty of customers ransacking shelves in stories across the nation. Remember to be extra courteous to the cashiers who will be assisting with each transaction. They work hard and aren’t paid much. Plus, they’ll have extra work to deal with on Tax Free Weekend. And many will not be sufficiently compensated for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Cashiers already have to put up with enough sh*t. Tell them to have a good day and move on…

Tax Free Weekend 2017: Full Story & Must-See Details

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