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International Beer Day 2017: Top 10 Sexiest Beer Videos From Around The World


Beers and babes is the ultimate combination, bro! You’ve stumbled upon a treasure chest. Better yet, a bodacious brewery full of vivacious vixens. If you didn’t know yet, you’ve entered International Beer Day, where the brews are always cold and the women just keep getting more attractive with each sip.

On Friday, August 4, 2017, the world takes a break from their busy schedule to celebrate beer. But what about the babes, you might be asking yourself. Well, have no fear brethren of the web. Here’s the top sexiest videos you’ll find online about beer…

Smokin’ Hot Beer Ad: What Happens When A Sexy Brunette Walks Into A Bar?

This beer commercial is spot on with sex appeal. This gal is selling a brew known as Apuaha, and she certainly has a talent for making men thirsty. She just about shut down the bar with her breath-taking presence…

Busty Lady With Orange Shirt Chugs A Beer Until She’s Soaked

Talk about an attention-grabbing headline. Really. Need I say more…

That gal got absolutely drenched with booze. Thank you, busty orange-shirt lady. You have made more people happy than you will ever know.

Meet Oktoberfest’s Super Hot Bavarian Beer Girls

Do you have enough time to spend a minute with these sexy Bavarian beer girls? Meet Ellie Richie, Ashley Emma and Emily Diamond, as they attempt to entrance you with a temptation more intoxicating than alcohol…

Sexy Blonde In A Bikini Shows You How To Shutgun A Brew

This hot blonde suggests that you “open your throat to allow quick entry” when shotgunning a beer (of course). This goddess emerges from a pool, dripping in a bikini, to explain to everyone how to properly shotgun a beer. Ahh, America…

Nagging Girlfriend Is Low-Key Sexy In This Funny Beer Commercial

A bossy British girlfriend interrupts her lad boyfriend about half past a pint. She yells at him for not cleaning their flat, and knocks over some brews. He begins licking up the spilled beer on the glass coffee table. At first, she’s disgusted. But she soon realizes that he will lick just about anything covered with beer. Anything….

Sexy Sci-Fi Beer Commercial From Japan That’s About Beer Somehow

The video starts out with two very, very beautiful ladies walking on the beach. They lounge, eat grapes, look hot as f*ck, etc. And then all of a sudden, their super happy good time is interrupted by people wearing metallic futuristic body armor. And oh, these folks have crazy special powers. But these two ladies handle themselves just fine…

Sexy Lady Is Poolside For Australian Beer Commercial…And She Gets A Little Wet

A beautiful lady walks along the pool, showing off her trim figure in a most revealing swimsuit. She sits down to enjoy a beer and winds up super duper wet…

The Sexiest & Funniest Beer Commercial Montage

Even Rocky had a montage. So, why shouldn’t sexy and funny beer commercial have one? Here’s a blend of humor and hotness. From the very beginning, you see a smoke show emerging from the aqua blue waters. Plus, you got funny bros ice-cold brews, and yes, super smokin’ babes urging you to try their product (in more ways than one). Skip to 4:56 of the video, and you’ll see a super hot erotic dancer named Monica dancing to the voice of Flava Flav. And oh, she kissed the can…

The Tale Of The Hot Girl & The Free Beer Prank

Alright, the story goes… One cute blonde-haired lass decided to prank a bunch of fellas. She’d buy a beer for one guy and then when a suave, better-looking gentleman stops by to have a seat, she’d flip the switch. The blonde-haired trickster would call over the waitress, and… Ughh, I shouldn’t ruin what happens. There’s a lot more to this story, too. A lot more…

Talking Tina Meets A Beer Commerical

She isn’t the killer doll from a classic Twilight Zone episode. Nope, she’s the real deal Talking Tina. And she won’t shut the f*ck up. But if you grab a couple ear plugs, things might not be so bad…

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