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Volcom’s New ‘Stone Made’ Collection Cracks The Code To The Perfect Pair Of Pants



White tees. A reliable pair of Nikes. A solid pair of pants.

These are the cornerstones of essentially any man’s wardrobe, and while the first two items on that list are usually quite easy to find — Nikes are Nikes, white tees are white tees — the perfect pair of pants, the third leg of men’s go-to fashion, are much trickier to pin down.

Between all the different styles and fits and brands and washes, it can be difficult to find that perfect pair. But what makes the perfect pair of pants? I like to call them Zombie Pants.

Zombie Pants are a simple idea, really, and one that I got while watching The Walking Dead: if zombies were to show up and time was of the essence, what pair of jeans would you put on in the heat of the moment? And this is an underrated important decision because, in said zombie apocalypse, you’re likely only going to have one pair of pants. Pants that you have to run in, sleep in, climb in — do everything in without any sign of a new pair in sight. After all, these may be the very last pair of pants you ever wear, so you better choose wisely.

Every man needs to have a pair of Zombie Pants, and luckily for all of us, Volcom just came out with the only pairs you’ll ever need.

Volcom’s new Stone Made collection was made with the highest quality of materials and groundbreaking technology at the fabric level, specifically engineered for life on the road.

Thanks to their patented technology, the new Stone Made line offers both twice the power of normal stretch denim fabric, as well as its superior ability to retain its original shape.

With a fit for every shape and size, and a wash for every sense of style, there is no reason why every guy shouldn’t be able to find their perfect pair of pants in the Volcom Stone Made collection.

Now, I myself am a jeans man through and through, but there’s nothing wrong with being a Chinos guy either, and luckily for you, Volcom put just as much time and effort into their Stone Made chinos, too:

Volcom Stone made products are meticulously engineered for life on the road. With unique signature details and the highest quality materials, Volcom integrates groundbreaking technology at the fabric level. In constant collaboration with their world-renowned skate team, Volcom’s unparalleled attention to details yields some of the most profound products in the market.

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