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Break Out The Beer Bong: Here’s The Top 20 Party Schools Across America


Who likes to party? Even the most party-prudish people among us have to cut loose and let out their wild side every once and while. College is a time of self-transformation; as you meet new people, learn new and sometimes annoying ideas, get super-stressed over tests, study hard and party possibly even harder. Some people leave college as a completely different person, for better or for worst.

The Princeton Review’s annual “Best Colleges” book surveyed tons of students (140,000) to be exact. The review asked the participants to rank 20 colleges within 62 different categories. And the party school list is one of the most popular and sought after features in the entire book.

“We know applicants need far more than an academic rating or ranking to find the college that will be best for them, Robert Franek, Princeton Review’s editor-in-chief and the book’s lead author, said in a press release. “We created our 62 ranking lists to help narrow that search. They are based entirely on data we gather beyond academics that gives insight into what the school’s enrolled students say about their professors, administrators, school services, campus culture, and student life. In the end, it’s all about the fit.”

The ranking system is based off 80 questions, asking participants to chose between five choices when it relates to campus life, ranging from “awful to excellent.” This study is based upon opinions rather than empirical evidence.

Last year, the University of Wisconsin-Madison nabbed the top spot for party schools. Let’s see how they do this year. Without further ado, here’s the list of the top 20 party schools across the nation…

Princeton Review’s Top 20 Party Schools Of 2018

  1. Tulane University
  2. West Virginia University
  3. Bucknell University
  4. Syracuse University
  5. University of Wisconsin-Madison
  6. University of Delaware
  7. University of Colorado-Boulder
  8. Colgate University
  9. Lehigh University
  10. University of Maine
  11. University of Iowa
  12. University of California, Santa Barbara
  13. University of Mississippi
  14. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  15. University of Vermont
  16. University of Rhode Island
  17. University of Florida
  18. Wake Forest University
  19. University of Kansas
  20. University of Alabama

How is Party Life over at America’s #1 ranked Party School?

Tulane University is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. This location is notorious for its party-going ways, as the city is literally the mecca for Mardi Gras. This university hasn’t been ranked as the top party school in the nation since the very first list was published in the 1993 edition of the Princeton Review.

This year, Tulane is ranked the #1 party school in the nation, according to the Princeton Review.

“People are definitely partiers. If you’re not going out at least twice a week you’re in the minority,” reads a student quote from the 2018 edition. “Intelligence is well respected. What do we do for fun? We party. But we don’t just get drunk. We party with a purpose.”

Tulane University has regularly found itself on the top of party school lists.

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