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National Waterpark Day 2017: Top 5 Sexiest Waterpark Videos Online


Welcome to National Waterpark Day, folks! It’s a special date set aside to commemorate fun water slides and the sexy ladies who accompany them. These bikini-based babes might just lure you into the water like sirens. What a beautiful day in the waterpark…

To help celebrate this great summertime occasion, I’ve complied the sexiest waterpark videos on the world wide web…

Milf From Argentina Rocks A Thong & Enjoys The Waterpark

Let’s take a trip all the way out to Termas del Salado, a fantastic waterpark in Gral Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina. What makes this waterpark so great? First, you have fun water slides on a beautiful location. Second, milfs in thongs are here. Third, there really doesn’t need to be another reason.

Watch the video, and see all the glory of the waterpark…

Bad Bikini Babes In Brazil Go Down Water Slide

A blonde and brunette in thong bikinis are about to go a water slide. These two also give the internet the most phenomenal view imaginable to start off this video. Watch them as they are line up for the Asa Delta Water at Thermas dos Laranjais, Brazil.

What a beautiful world…

A Toilet Water Slide In Thailand With Two Sexy Ladies

Two ultra hot women from Thailand are looking to be flushed down the toilet water slide. Their bodies are kick-ass, and the slide looks fun as f*ck. Splash Jungle Water Park is way on point.

By the way, these ladies start off this video in the best light possible. These naughty girls are just looking to get wet, aren’t they?

Super Hot Bikini Babe Enjoys Rapids Water Park

A dirty blonde in a purple and yellow bikini smiles as she rides a boogie board at Rapid Water Park in West Palm Beach, Florida. Her boyfriend (I think) talks to her in the beginning, holding down her board. But then he pushes her off, her board goes sideways and she wipes out in the water. Meanwhile, another lady wiggles her behind for the camera as the dirty blonde regains her composure. She eventually hops right back on that boogie board and goes for a wild ride.

By the way, the sound of this video have been muted because of some copyright claim/violation. But then again, this might just be for the best. Who needs noise? Just enjoy the view…

Sexy Bikini Bunnies at Pattaya Waterpark, Thailand

Welcome back to Thailand’s sexy lady waterpark extravaganza. Two cute girls slide down a slide and get super, super wet…

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