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6 Figure Salary: Top 20 Best 6 Figure Jobs In 2017


We’re all told we have to go to college so we can get a degree so we can make a lot of money. Whether we ever get that dream job or one that pays us bank, it seems that there ends up being one constant for most of us. We end up going to these big time universities and leave after four years with thousands of dollars in loans owed.

Now I’m not saying all of us have to pay these loans but surely we don’t always end up with that dream job we wish we could have even if we get that degree. A lot of times people pull off six-figure jobs is when they get a higher degree, have the requisite experience for the position and have done the networking to have somebody of higher power than them vouch for their services.

Some of these positions aren’t easy to get because there are many who are going for it as well and there’s not many of these jobs to begin with. Whether you striving for one of these jobs one day or are just curious about what the top 20 jobs that pay six figure salaries are, then we’ve got you covered.

1. Creative Manager – $112,000
2. IT Manager – $118,000
3. Data Scientist – $110,000
4. Supply Chain Manager – $102,000
5. Pharmacist – $120,000
6. Procurement Manager – $104,000
7. Finance Manager – $118,000
8. Medical Science Liaison – $140,000
9. Engineering Manager – $145,000
10. Patent Attorney – $150,000
11. Management Consultant – $110,000
12. Technology Manager – $140,000
13. Product Marketing Manager – $116,000
14. Product Manager – $110,00
15. Financial Planning & Analysis Manager – $115,000
16. Design Manager – $108,500
17. Software Engineering Manager – $150,000
18. Hardware Engineer – $110,000
19. Technical Project Manager – $100,000
20. Software Engineer – $100,000

To see how many of these six figure positions are offered and what companies are offering them, you can check Glassdoor to find them.

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