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WWE Raw Results: Live Updates & Must-See Highlights – 07/17/17


WWE Monday Night Raw is live from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. Dean Ambrose kicks off tonight’s show in the center of the ring with a challenge for The Miz. Let’s get right to The Lunatic Fringe…

WWE Monday Night Raw Viewing Details

Date: Monday, July 17, 2017
Time: 8:00 P.M. EST
TV Channel: USA
Location: Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, Tennessee
Online: USA
Mobile: USA Now
Tickets: Ticketmaster

WWE Monday Night Raw Results

Stick around and refresh the page for live updates from tonight’s episode…

Dean Ambrose Kicks Off Raw

Dean Ambrose wants The Miz and the entire Miztourage to come down to the ring. “The Lunatic Fringe” is looking for a fight. He has a steel chair in hand, and wants to kick some ass…

Out comes “The Architect” Seth Rollins. He tells Ambrose to calm down and not pick a fight he can’t win. The Lunatic Fringe says that he has everything under control. Ambrose can fight his own battles. So, he wants Rollins to get lost.

But Seth doesn’t want to fight Dean’s battles. The Miz ran his mouth last week and brought “The King Slayer” into the fight. Rollins wants to know will Ambrose fight against him or fight alongside him?

Ambrose gets red in the face. He doesn’t consider Rollins a brother after he betrayed him in 2014. Seth was his brother in The Shield and he stabbed Ambrose right in the back. Well, actually he hit him in the back with a steel chair, like the one Dean is holding. Seth cuts off Ambrose, telling Dean that the break-up of The Shield was a long time ago. Rollins has regretted it ever since. Seth has moved on from the grudge, why hasn’t Dean?

Rollins wants Dean to hit him in the back with the chair, to finally make amends for what happened in 2014. Seth turns his back and expects a chair shot, as he encourages Dean to “hit me.”

Dean throws the steel chair out of the ring. And out comes The Miz and The Miztourage.

The Miz talks trash like usual. He doesn’t think Ambrose has what it takes to beat him. The A-Lister has a welcoming party for Rollins and Ambrose. The Miztourage surround the ring, each with a steel chair in hand. Rollins and Ambrose try to fight back. But Miz takes out Ambrose with a steel chair outside the ring. Meanwhile in the ring, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas pick apart Rollins with a chair. Miz hurls Ambrose into the steel steps, and joins Axel and Dallas in the ring.

The Miztourage set up the chair in the middle of the ring. The Miz drops Rollins with a Skull Crushing Finale right on the chair. The villainous group exits the ring. Miz adds insult to injury by smacking Ambrose in the ribs with a chair.

Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss

Bayley enters the match like a bolt of lightning. “Ms. Hug Life” is kicking the butt of “Little Miss” Bliss. Bayley has Alexa reeling, but then…Nia Jax’s music hits. Alexa Bliss smiles. It looks like the playing field just changed.

Bliss regains ground as we return from the break. Alexa is stomping Bayley into the mat. But then Sasha Banks comes down to ringside for support. This is enough for Bayley to rally back. Bliss gets taken out with a Bayley-to-Belly

Bayley defeats Alexa Bliss

Inside Raw GM Kurt Angle’s Office

Kurt Angle looks nervous as fu*ck. Raw color commentator Corey Graves enters the office and talks to Angle. He reminds Kurt that in today’s “social media age,” it’s very hard to hide your private life from the public. Angle agrees. He has something to reveal to the Raw audience tonight. I wonder what that is…

Titus O’Neil rallies up The Titus Brand

Titus is backstage, coaching his guys Tozawa and Crews. Titus is getting everyone hyped, but then out comes Ariya Daivari to talk some trash. He thinks they are acting ridiculous. He’ll see Tozawa in the ring later.

“Gentleman” Jack Gallagher & Mustafa Ali vs. The Brian Kendrick & Joe Gulak

Kendrick tags in Joe Gulak. Joe pushes Gallagher into the ropes. Jack fights back and locks Joe into a submission. Gallagher hits Kendrick on the ring apron. Gulak capitalizes on the distraction, taking out both Mustafa and Gallagher. Gulak is in control. Jack fights back, but Kendrick gets the tag.

Jack Gallagher hits a devastating headbutt on Brian Kendrick. Mustafa gets the tag. Ali ascends the top rope and takes out Kendrick with a 450 splash.

Mustafa Ali & Gentleman” Jack Gallagher defeats The Brian Kendrick & Joe Gulak

Enzo runs his mouth, and out comes Big Cass

Enzo gives himself some serious props. The guy has guts, I gotta give him that. Cass didn’t learn his lesson at Great Balls of Fire, and wants more of Cass.

Out comes Big Cass. Enzo high-tails it over the barricade. Big Show’s music hits, and the giant is coming out to settle the score.

Show and Cass battle all throughout the arena. Both men exchange big blows. Cass hurls Show into the barricade and hits the giant with right hand shots. Big Show turns the tide, driving Cass into the ringpost. Big Show and Cass battle in the ring. Show drops Cass with a big chop. But Cass comes back in a big way, and kicks Big Show’s ass. Cass drives Show repeatedly into the ring post.

Cass walks and stands tall. Show manages to return to his feet. Cass locks back towards his giant foe.

Finn Balor vs. Elias Samson

Elias Samson starts off this segment beneath a spotlight in the ring. He sits on a stool, with a guitar in hand, and strums a song in the darkness. The crowd boos and chants for Balor. Samson wants them to shut up, so he can sing.

Balor’s music hits and the Tennessee crowd erupts. Tonight, Nashville become apart of The Balor Club.

Samson dominates much of the match. He’s tearing apart “The Demon King” in the ring. Samson shines all throughout the match until the very end when Balor knocks him out of the ring. Balor dives with a dropkick and then almost knocks out Samson’s teeth with a hard kick to the face. Finn charges towards Samson, but gets smacked in the head with a guitar.

Finn Balor defeats Elias Samson via disqualification

Post-Match: Bray Wyatt has an ominous message for “The Demon King” Finn Balor.

Sasha Banks & Bayley are in Kurt Angle’s office

Both Bayley and Sasha Banks wants a title shot at Alexa Bliss. But the problem is…both woman think they deserve that match more than the other. Sasha beat Bliss by disqualification last week. But Bayley actually pinned the Raw Women’s Champion earlier tonight.

Angle isn’t going to decide who gets that title shot. Next week, Sasha Banks will battle Bayley and the winner will face Alexa Bliss for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship at SummerSlam.

Akira Tozawa vs. Ariya Daivari

Before the match, Ariya Daivari shows the audience a photo of Hassan Yazdani, the Iranian wrestler who won an Olympic gold medal.

Tozawa strikes first in the match, but Akira is visibly injured. His shoulder is hurt. Daivari takes full advantage of his opponent’s injury, and keeps his opponent grounded. Tozawa tries rallying back, but gets dropped by Daivari.

Akira turns the tides with a series of kicks, but misses one. Tozawa hits with a big suplex. Tozawa leds the “ah!” chants.

Tozawa ascends the top rope, but Ariya moves out the way. Daivari grabs his opponent by the shoulder and drives him into the ring. Ariya hits a running knee and lays the smackdown on Akira. Titus jumps up on the apron and requests the referee to stop the match.

Ariya Daivari defeats Akira Tozawa via referee stoppage

Kurt Angle’s Big Announcement

Angle mentions that back in college, he got a lady pregnant and he wasn’t aware about the pregnancy until recently. She gave birth to a son, and he became a WWE superstar. And that man grew up to become…

The music of American Alpha plays through the arena. Jason Jordan enters the arena. He walks down to the ring and embraces Angle in the ring. Both men hug it out in an emotional moment for the ages.

For some strange reason I knew his surprise son would be Jason Jordan. He looks the most like Kurt out of anybody on the WWE roster.

The Hardy Boyz vs. The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder)

The Hardy’s pounce on The Revival, attacking their opponents before the bell rings. They tangle in the ropes and The Revival exits the ring.

Scott Dawson and Matt Hardy start off this match-up. Jeff gets the tag and continues the assault on Dawson. Matt comes back in the match, and The Hardy’s double-team Scott. Meanwhile, the tag team of Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson watch the match on a monitor in the backstage area.

Matt controls the match in the ring, smacking Dawson’s head on the turnbuckle as the crowd chants “Delete! Delete! Delete!” Dawson is stunned. Matt capitalizes on his dazed opponent, taking him out with a clothesline and then a bulldog.

The Hardy Boyz hits Scott with another big-time double-team move. Dash Wilder runs in the ring to try and even the score. But Matt and Jeff double-team Wilder. They knock his ass out of the ring.

We’re back from the break and The Revival have completely turned the tide. They dissect Matt Hardy like a pickled frog.

Jeff gets tagged back in the match, and he injects himself into the action like a dose of much-needed medicine. Jeff and Dawson trade shots. Jeff goes for a quick pin. Wilder runs in the ring breaks up a pinfall attempt, but Matt snatches up Dash and throws him to the outside. Jeff hits Dawson with a Whisper in the Wind. Hardy ascends the top rope and attempts a Swanton Bomb. But Dash jumps up on the ring apron and knocks Jeff down to the mat. Dawson capitalizes and rolls up Jeff for the win. Scott even grabs Jeff’s tights for leverage while making the pin.

The Revival defeats The Hardy Boyz

Winner becomes the #1 contender for the WWE Universal Championship at SummerSlam: Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe

Both competitors tie up. Reigns strikes with a headbutt and Joe follows up with a slap to the face. Roman fires with slaps of his own, and sends Joe reeling as we go the commercial break.

We’re back and Joe has regained control. Joe keeps “The Big” grounded. Joe hits a suplex and goes for the cover, but Reigns kicks out at 2. Joe is on Reigns like a fly on shit, but The Big Dog manages to turn the tide. Reigns levels Joe with a clotheslines and goes for the pin. 1…2…kick out!

Reigns fires away on Joe in the corner. The Big Dogs levels his opponent with a big boot. Reigns is about to hit a Superman Punch, but Joe rolls out of the ring to catch his breath. Reigns attempts a Drive-By kick, but eats a clothesline instead. The Big Dog hits a clothesline of his own, and both men are down and out as we go to another commercial break.

Joe smacks Roman with some hard headbutts. Reigns rallies back and drops “The Destroyer” with a Samoan Drop. Joe is able to turn the tide and attempts to take out Reigns with an Uranage. Reigns counters with a Superman Punch. Reigns goes for the cover. 1…2…kick out!

Both men are exhausted. They look like they had enough. Sorry, boys. Here comes…Braun Strowman!

Strowman pulls Joe out of the ring. He looks down a fallen Samoan Submission Machine. Braun then turns his gaze towards The Big Dog sitting in the ring. “The Monster Among Men” enters the ring, but Reigns hits a preemptive punch, knocking the bigger man off the apron. Strowman eats a big boot. And Reigns leaves the ring and takes the fight to Braun. But Strowman hurls Reigns into the barricade and tosses him back into the ring.

Samoa Joe returns to his feet and takes the fight to Strowman. Braun and Joe start brawling. Strowman levels Joe and then return to the ring. Braun hits Reigns with a running splash into the corner. Braun beats Reigns down, but runs into a big boot. Reigns hits a big punch and Samoa Joe jumps on Strowman’s back, locking in the Coquina Clutch.

Reigns runs towards Braun, but eats a monster boot. Roman finally hits a Superman Punch of Braun. Strowman collapses into the corner, squashing Joe, and the Coquina Clutch is broken. Fans chant “this is awesome!”

Reigns attempts another Superman Punch, but Braun catches mid-air and slams him down to the mat hard with a spinebuster. Braun inflicts more punishment on Samoa Joe, hitting him with a big powerslam. Braun picks up Reigns and drives him back to the mat with a powerslam.

Strowman is about to leave the ring, but turns around and changes his mind. Braun picks up Reigns once more. Meanwhile, security and WWE officials are running down to the ring. Strowman intimidates the men, effectively preventing them from getting involved in the melee. Braunlevels Reigns with a devastating powerslam. The landscape of SummerSlam has just changed.

No Contest. No One is the #1 contender for the WWE Universal Championship

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