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Blue Whale Challenge: What Is The Blue Whale Game?


A deadly new game is spreading throughout the internet called “The Blue Whale Challenge.” This new viral craze is popping up in many countries online, taking the lives of targets, some as young as 12 years old. After completing the required amount of tasks, the player commits suicide.

What is the Blue Whale Challenge?

The Blue Whale Challenge is a game that encourages young people to take their own lives. Administrators send instruction to players online to complete a daily task for 50 straight days up until the end of the game. To provide proof that the player completed the task, the players usually must send a photo to a “curator” or a “whale,” which is usually a much older person manipulating the player. Some of these tasks require self-mutilation.

This game originated in Russia in 2013. F57 was a name of one of these alleged cyber death groups of the VKontakte social network. In 2015, this group allegedly caused its first suicide.

Philipp Budeikin, 21, claims to have invented the game. He’s an expelled psychology student whose stated goal is to cleanse society by constructing a game that triggers “unworthy” people to kill themselves. The consequences of this game has led to suicide prevention legislation in Russia, and has been linked to at least 130 teen deaths across that nation. Budeikin has been arrested and pleaded guilty to “inciting at least 16 teenage girls to commit suicide,” according to Newsbeat.

The deadly game can be found in at least 18 countries throughout the world. Reported deaths attributed to Blue Whale Challenge Game have been popping up in the following countries:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria
  • Chile
  • China
  • Colombia
  • Georgia
  • Italy
  • Kenya
  • Paraguay
  • Portugal
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Serbia
  • Spain
  • United States
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela

What are the 50 tasks of the Blue Whale Challenge?

In order to complete the game, the player must finish 50 tasks. Here are all the challenges for this very deadly game….

  • Carve a specific phrase on your hand or arm.
  • Wake up at 4:20 a.m. and watch a scary video (sent by the “curator”.)
  • Make lengthwise cuts on your arm.
  • Draw a whale on a piece of paper
  • Write “yes” on your leg if you’re ready to be a whale. Otherwise, cut yourself multiple times.
  • Secret task (written in code.)
  • Scratch (a message) on your arm.
  • Write a status online about being a whale.
  • Overcome a specific fear.
  • Get up at 4:20 and go to the roof.
  • Carve a whale on your hand.
  • Watch scary videos all day.
  • Listen to whatever music the “curator” sends.
  • Cut your lip.
  • Poke your arm/hand with a needle.
  • Make yourself get hurt or sick.
  • Go to a roof and stand on the edge.
  • Stand on a bridge.
  • Climb a crane.
  • At this step, the “whale” determines if the player is trustworthy.
  • Talk with a “whale” on Skype.
  • Sit down on a roof with legs dangling over the edge.
  • Another job that is in code.
  • A secret mission
  • Meet with a “whale.”
  • The “curator” assigns a date when you will die.
  • Visit a railroad.
  • Do not talk with anyone all day.
  • Give an oath/vow about being a whale

But that’s not all! The player still has challenges #30-49 to complete, which involve watching and listening to whatever the curator sends, whether it’s horror films or music. Those tasks may also require talking to a whale or further self-mutilation. The final challenge requires the player to jump off a building.

It should be noted that these tasks can change at any time.

The Psychology Manipulation of the Blue Whale Challenge

Some experts have pointed to the influence of the “whale” in manipulating the young player to commit suicide. This psychological manipulation may take effect or become intensified whenever there is direct contact between the “whale” and the “participant,” such as during a Skype session.

Kati Morton, a licensed therapist, gives her take on why these tasks are so effective…

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