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Call of Duty: WWII: Trailers, Gameplay, Zombies & More


Activision and Sledgehammer made a promise to revitalize the long-standing but stale Call of Duty franchise with its new release, Call of Duty: WWII, which has received mixed criticism from many different gaming news outlets. This release left many onlookers concerned however, with many complaints about its unrefined graphics, an outdated game engine and the exclusion of realistic multiplayer elements plagued the release’s splash onto the scene.

Some hardcore fans of the Call of Duty franchise still continue to praise the game series and greatly anticipate the upcoming shooter’s release.

Here’s what we’ve been told about the trailers, multiplayer and release information for a game that’s been molded from a decade-long hiatus of WWII titles:


Numerous trailers have been released about the game’s playing features, along with some cinematics. These updates have come since the teaser trailer was released back in April:

Shortly afterwards, Activision released their official trailer:

This spurred a lot of interest from around the gaming scene about what form this game would take. How different would the storyline be from Call of Duty: World at War? Would we see Nazi Zombies? How will the multiplayer experience feel? We got a sneak peek at some interesting cinematics during E3 in Los Angeles that answered some of the questions:


Along with another cinematic trailer, we saw the official multiplayer reveal trailer. This showed us the competitive gameplay aspects as well as features of the new Allied and Axis weaponry that’ll be featured in this chapter.

Call of Duty: WWII featured fast-paced mutliplayer gameplay that beckons back to previous titles in the series. Sledgehammer included several new additions to the new title too though, including a new “War” mode, that involves fun, strategic gameplay that involves teams taking objective points. The new part of this gamemode is that the game will feature mini-stories that change depending on the team you’re playing on.

We also see the addition of “iconic World War II divisions” that each have their own set of attributes, making strategic planning a breeze. The feature is reminiscent of Battlefield 1 in its strategy.

We learned about a new gametype called “Headquarters,” which involves players interacting in a social hub situation outside of the battles. The theme is to remind players that men didn’t always fight. You can customize your character and show off your skills and upgrades with other people in this mode.

We also saw hints of a Zombie mode, only it isn’t Nazi zombies. Just like everywhere else in any multiplayer mode, Sledgehammer removed Nazi imagery and replaced them with more politically correct representations of figures in battles. A trailer for this mode recently leaked:

When Can We Play It?

Call of Duty: WWII releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on November 3. Activision plans to have a multiplayer beta run before the game’s official release date for anyone who pre-ordered the game. The beta launches first on PlayStation 4. More information is sure to release during the upcoming Comic-Con in San Diego this July.

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