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Glory 43 Results: Live Updates & Must-See Highlights


Glory Kickboxing has taken over Madison Square Garden this Friday night. See the battle right in heart of the big apple. There’s a big fight feel tonight in the Garden. Let’s not waste a moment longer and get to the action right now….

Glory 43: Viewing Details

Event: Glory 43
Date: Friday, July 14, 2017
Location: Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY
Superfight Series Start Time: 7:30 P.M. EST
Main Event: 10:00 P.M. EST
Broadcast: UFC Fight Pass, ESPN3

Featherweight Bout: Terrence Hill vs. Chenchen Li

Both men trade shots. Terrence Hill seems to getting the best of Li with their exchanges. But then outta nowhere, Li knocks out Hill with a right-hand overhead shot. Li wins with only 1 minute, 45 seconds into round one.

Chenchen Li defeats Terrence Hill

Post-Match Celebration: Li performs several backflips, and dances to celebrate his first round victory.

Lightweight Bout: Itay Gershon vs. Rafal Dud

The lights go off for a moment as the fight begins. Dud goes on the attack first, fighting Gershon into the corner. Both fighters trade stiff shots in this match. Punches and kicks are flying everywhere, folks!

During the second round, Gerhson is giving out kicks like government checks. Itay seems like he’s one kick away from knocking Dud out. Round 2 is clearly in the favor of the Israeli fighter known as Itay Gershon.

Dud attempts a comeback in round 3. Rafal hits haymakers. But Gershon puts the pressure on his opponent with off the chart kicks.

After three round of kickboxing, Gershon lands 130 punches, while Dud only hit 65 shots in the fight.

Itay Gershon defeats Rafal Dud via unanimous decision

Super Bantamweight Bout: Anissa Meksen vs. Jady Menezes

Meksen dominants for much of round one and two. Meksen hits 86 punches, while Menezes only hit 52. Both both ladies are fighting their hearts out in this bout.

Anissa Meksen takes the fight into round three. Jady Menezes fought back hard, but not hard enough to Anissa. Meksen knocks Menezes down with ten seconds left in the fight. Jady gets up to fight, but the round is over.

Anissa Meksen defeats Jady Menezes by unanimous decision

Middleweight Bout: Ariel Sepulveda vs. Joe Taylor

Both men are hittin’ hard in this fight. But Taylor is definitely kicking more ass. Joe knocks down Ariel, effectively stunning his opponent. Sepulveda fights back hard, but Taylor is a monster with that high kick.

Ariel can’t shake off Taylor. Joe fights like a beast. Towards the end of round two, Taylor knocks down Sepulvedia with a left hook. Ariel returns to his feet, but Taylor is all over him. Joe is smothering his opponent with punches. Sepulveda falls to the ground again. He once again returns to his feet. But Taylor quickly makes work of his opponent. Sepulveda just got KO’ed! That’s a second round knockout!

Joe Taylor defeats Ariel Sepulveda via knockout

Featherweight Bout: Bailey Sugden vs. Arthur Sorsor

“The Black Dragon” Arthur Sorsor is absolutely kicking ass in round one of this fight. Sorsor has landed almost triple the amount of punches compared to Bailey. Sorsor dominates much of this round, but Bailey comes back hard with a flurry of offense in the remaining 15 seconds.

Sorsor controls much of the next two rounds. Bailey Sugden fought back hard, but this fight definitely goes to Arthur Sorsor.

Interim Glory Light Heavyweight World Championship Bout: Saulo Cavalari vs. Pavel Zhuravlev

This has been a very, very close fight. Both men exchange plenty of shots throughout the fight. Cavalari clearly won the first two rounds. But round three clearly goes for Zhuravlev. Cavalari wanted to put away Pavel, but got caught in the last round. Pavel hits the last shot/knockdown at the end of the third round.

Pavel Zhuravlev defeats Saulo Cavalari to win the Interim Glory Light Heavyweight World Championship

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