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WVU Frat Bro Takes Revenge on Trump’s Taj Mahal For Banning Him For Life



Dave Cipollini, a 22-year-old West Virginia University student who was banned from Donald Trump’s Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City, executed his hilarious revenge when he hopped in the shower of one of the hotel’s suites during its liquidation sale.

What Happened?

New Jersey TV News spotted Cipollini getting a quick rinse in on Saturday as they toured the resort that is being stripped to make way for the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. While other shoppers scrambled to take advantage of the fire sale to nap lamps and beds, Cipollini scored a free shower.

The fraternity brother told the TV crew: “It’s a liquidation sale. So they’re giving us a sample. I wanted to see how the shower was. Maybe I could get a free shower.

“I have cold water at my house right now, so this is a nice way to get a nice little hot shower.”

Cipollini unfortunately didn’t come fully prepared, as he asked the crew from NJ.com is they had soap, shampoo and even a towel. The WVU advertising major maintains that he pulled the stunt just because he “wanted to get clean.”

However, further prompting revealed that he had an ulterior motive.

Cipollini admitted that he had been banned from the Trump Ta Mahal for life for jumping onstage during a concert at the hotel. He told Patch.com that security pulled him down before dragging him to a nearby alleyway and saying “Don’t come back. Ever.”

He said: “They took a picture of me and said something about facial recognition. I definitely got some revenge today.”

Taj Mahal

Donald Trump opened the Taj Mahal in 1990, proclaiming it to be “the eighth wonder of the world.” However, within a year of its opening, the establishment filed for bankruptcy under growing debt.

Trump removed himself from many of his Atlantic City dealings in 2009 after losing control of the casino company he once owned in a bankruptcy.

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn shut down the Taj Mahal in October after a contentious strike with the casino’s main union and sold the property to Hard Rock International in March for $50 million. Trump opened the Taj Mahal for a reported $1.2 billion.

Following a $375 million renovation, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is expected to open in summer 2018.

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