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Migos Get Kicked Off Delta Flight, Claim Racial Profile and Threaten Lawsuit, So Delta Gives Them A Freakin’ Plane


Takeoff from Migos claimed to be in dreamland when he awoke to an angry crew member telling him to leave. His rap group and manager followed him outside the plane to complain about the ordeal. They were suppose to be going to a show in Des Moines, Idaho, but they were stuck dealing with Delta in Atlanta, Georgia. The manager was outraged, threatened the company with a lawsuit and claimed racial profiling played apart in their decision to remove Takeoff from the flight.

“You kicked us off a plane for doing absolutely nothing,” says the manager.

On the other side of the spectrum, Delta claims that the group “repeatedly refused to follow crew member instructions to buckle their seat belts and stow carry-on in overhead bins,” and as a result, “Delta flight 1532 from Atlanta to Des Moines returned to the gate, prior to departure, (in order) to deplane several customers seated.”

Okay, Delta. Then why did you give Migos an entire freakin’ plane afterwards?

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Delta obviously smelled a bad PR stunt from a mile away, and decided to mend their bridge with Migos. I guess it’s better than dealing with the legal fees and negative attention they may receive as a result of preventing Takeoff from taking off.

In the end, Migos made it to the show. Not as early as they would have wanted, but it’s pretty f**king sweet to have a plane all to yourself and your crew.

You’re probably expecting me to tie all of this together into a cheesy Bad and Boujee reference, but I refuse.

Too late…

Migos Kicked Off Flight, Delta Gives Them Private Plane

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