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LISTEN: Broken Social Scene, ‘Hug of Thunder’ Stream & Download: New Album


Broken Social Scene, a Canadian indie rock band, includes a collective of as few as six members to as many as nineteen members. Formed by Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning, the collective produces music by combining elements of solo and group projects. Most members often perform in divided groups/projects which include Apostle of Hustle, KC Accidental, and Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton, to name a few. The timbre and original sound of the band’s music create a genre called baroque pop. Broken Social Scene launches their newest album, Hug of Thunder, today for the world to listen and adore.

The cover art is more abstract and street-art like. The album background seems to be a slab of concrete wall with pastel-colored cubes etched on it. Besides that, the message looks cryptic, almost concealable.

When listening to their new album, my first impression is that it is nostalgic, strange, but appealing. The fusion of the percussion and the unison of voices in conjunction with the groovy instrumentals create an aura of trance and deliriousness. For “Halfway Home,” I develop a sense of flashbacks, more like childhood memories of my time as a kid in the suburbs. Also, I feel like I am on my way back from a road trip on a rather gloomy but comfortable day. As for “Skyline,” the vibe is upbeat; I can paint a picture in mind of a skyline. Although I only listened to two selections from the album, the alternative and indie style of music are the epitome of the album.

This album is indeed an embodiment of Toronto-based music. Although it took seven years for its new album to arrive, it will either be adored by fans or questioned by critics. Regardless, tell me what you think!

Stream Broken Social Scene’s album Hug of Thunder

You can stream the album via Spotify.

Apple Music Hug of Thunder Stream

Download Hug of Thunder 

If you like to purchase the album, head on over to iTunes.

Hug of Thunder Tracklist

  1. Sol Luna
  2. Halfway Home
  3. Protest Song
  4. Skyline
  5. Stay Happy
  6. Vanity Pail Kids
  7. Hug of Thunder
  8. Towers and Masons
  9. Victim Lover
  10. Please Take Me with You
  11. Gonna Get Better
  12. Mouth Guards of the Apocalypse

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