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Iskra Lawrence Instagram: Hottest Photos of British Model


Iskra Lawrence, a 26-year-old British model, is endearing herself to American fans after posting luscious pictures in a skimpy bikini to celebrate the 4th of July. The famous plus-size mode is redefining modern hotness with her, well, modern hotness. I mean, look at her!

That floral bikini two-piece as she lounges poolside? Oh, be still  my beating heart.

The photogenic young model flaunted her love of America (endorsed by this American right here!) as she hung out by the pool with some friends on Monday and Tuesday. She documented her Independence Day celebration for her 3.5 million followers and we’re glad she did.

5-foot-9, curvy with a sense of humor? How am I not Mr. Lawrence yet?

Lawrence is celebrated as an example of body positivity thanks to her confidence and messages of self-love.

Speaking to Women’s Health in March, Lawrence confessed that she turned to extreme diets in a bid to slim down when she embarked on her modeling career.

She said: “I was doing extreme dieting for the modeling industry because I couldn’t fit into sample sizes.

“I lost six years punishing myself with aggressive exercise. I had body dysmorphia. I tried every crazy diet.”

But Lawrence saw a new path available to her when she was signed to Models 1, an agency interested in her for her natural size and beauty.

“They accepted me, and for the first time I had people saying, ‘You can now do the things you’ve dreamt of.'”

Congratulations, Iskra Lawrence. Now if you’re looking for a boy toy, my schedule is available.

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