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LISTEN: Coldplay, ‘Kaleidoscope’ Stream & Download: New Album


Coldplay, the famous British rock band, known for their top hits such as “Viva la Vida” and their collaboration with Chainsmoker’s summer song “Something Just Like This,” is keeping music enthusiasts on the edge of their seats. They are releasing their 13th EP  Kaleidoscope on June 30, 2017.

The cover art is more than appealing and artistic. It is intrinsic to Coldplay’s fundamental focus on originality and taste. Fun fact: the name of the album comes from an interlude track on the 2015 album.

When listening to Coldplay’s new album, the fusion of the low-beat instrument strumming in conjunction with powerful keyboard chords create an aura of trance and relaxation. For the first song, “All I Can Think About Is You,” the vocal is wavy and smooth. Some of the songs are indie and electronic based while some are dance and alternative genres. Although I only fully listened to one song and made an impression from there, there is a list of songs within the album that will be of different taste and vibe.

This album could be a resurgence to the already-popular band. Not only that, this album can elicit many expressions and different impressions that many listeners have never felt before.

Stream Coldplay’s album Kaleidoscope 

You can stream the album via Spotify

Apple Music Kaleidoscope Stream

Download Kaleidoscope 

If you like to purchase the album, head on over to iTunes.

Kaleidoscope Tracklist

  1. All I Can Think About Is You
  2. Miracles (Someone Special)
  3. A L I E N S
  4. Something Just Like This (Tokyo Remix) (With Chainsmokers)
  5. Hypnotised (EP Mix)

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