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So…Rob Lowe Fought Bigfoot In His New Reality TV Show…


(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Actor Rob Lowe, who is busy filming his new A&E documentary series The Lowe Files, says an encounter in the Ozarks with the mythical “Bigfoot” or a related creature left him fearing for his life.

What Happened?

Lowe, 53, said he was filming The Lowe Files in the Ozarks (located primarily in Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma) when an encounter with a “wood ape” left him “lying on the ground thinking I was going to be killed.”

“I’m fully aware that I sound like a crazy, Hollywood kook right now,” Lowe told Entertainment Weekly.

Lowe said he was in the woods filming his new show, where he and his two sons explore mysterious phenomenon across the country, looking for the legendary “wood ape.”

“A wood ape is a the local vernacular for a Sasquatch or a Bigfoot,” he explained. “This is what I love about our show. We have fun with all of this.

“We hit the bullseye between true believer and skeptic in a fun way. [The locals] talk to you about the wood ape in all seriousness. If you call it a Bigfoot or a Sasquatch, they roll their eyes…as if that makes it less outrageous.”

As Lowe tells it, things took a scary turn when the wood ape began searching for them.

“We’re 100 miles from the nearest town,” he said. “We spent 45 minutes on the most rugged, brutal mountain trailers. It’s one in the morning. There are a lot of serious former military men with loaded weapons, then something starts approaching our camps that is defying their orders to stop and their warnings that [they were] armed.”

Lowe doesn’t go into detail about how the encounter concluded, choosing instead to save that for the episode, which is the one-hour season finale of the new series.

The former Parks & Rec star describes the show as a mix between Anthony Bourdain and Scooby Doo.

“I watch [shows like these] hoping to believe, because a world in which Bigfoot exists and aliens exist, to me, is more interested and fun,” he said.

The Lowe Files

The Lowe Files is a new A&E documentary series featuring actor Rob Lowe and his two sons, Matthew and John Owen, exploring mysterious phenomena across the country. The nine-episode first season will premiere on A&E on August 2nd.

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