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A Venezuelan Action Movie Star Is Leading A Coup Against The Nation’s Government


screenshot via Youtube

The stolen helicopter of Oscar Perez, an action movie star and Army officer who attacked a Venezuelan courthouse with grenades, has recently been found near the coast.

A manhunt is currently underway for Perez, who is being blamed for targeting Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro’s government.

According to Reuters, the helicopter used in the attack has been found near the coast in Vargas, which is not far from Caracas, where the attack happened. Special forces have been deployed in an attempt to apprehend Perez.

Authorities say Perez stole the helicopter before aiming grenades and gunfire at the Supreme Court and Interior Ministry in Caracas. No one was injured in the attack and there was no major damage done to the buildings.

via Reuters:

The government of President Nicolas Maduro said Oscar Perez, a strapping pilot, diver and parachutist, was responsible for firing shots and lobbing grenades on the Interior Ministry and the Supreme Court after hijacking the helicopter. In a social media video, Perez said he was fighting a tyrannical, vile government.

Perez, 36, produced and starred in a 2015 Venezuelan action movie called “Suspended Death” about the rescue of a kidnapped businessman, which includes scenes of him firing a rifle from a helicopter and emerging from water in scuba gear. He has an unusually public profile for the usually tight-lipped and secretive investigative police.

Perez’s action came during a major national crisis as hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets in recent months calling for an end to Maduro’s presidency, amid food shortages, a collapsing currency, and soaring inflation. Critics accuse Maduro of creating a dictatorship by stifling dissent, using security forces to limit the right to protest and arbitrarily jailing demonstrators. Maduro dismisses the protests as a U.S.-backed attempt to overthrow him.

His Instagram, which can be seen below, is filled with military inspired pictures. Perez, an Army Officer, also starred in a film called ‘Suspended Death’in 2015. This film is about the rescue of a kidnapped businessman

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