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Scrub Daddy CEO: Reminisces His Time At Syracuse University



Scrub Daddy, SCRUB DADDY, Scrub-wait for it………….Daddy!

Aaron Krause, the CEO and founder of Scrub Daddy, apparently “America’s Favorite Sponge,” shares his experience on choosing Syracuse University.

It makes total sense that a marketing genius and founder of an evolutionary scrubbing sponge started his career by washing cars in college. He credits his eventual successful founding of a business to his time spent as an undergraduate at one of America’s premier universities, Syracuse University in New York.

“My father came into my room in 11th grade with a protractor and a map, and he put it on Philadelphia, drew a circle and … said, ‘Anywhere in here, I pay for, and anywhere outside, you pay for'” — and Syracuse was on the very edge of that limit,” Krause said.

“It turned out to be really good,” he added. “Instead of laying out on the beach in Miami, I bundled up and went to class every day.” However, Krause definitely used quality time outside of class.

The future entrepreneur spent his free periods by washing cars with his peers. He not only earned extra bucks, but also thought of innovative ways to improve the model of foam buffing pads. After tinkering with his new idea, he ended up marketing it to the auto industry.

Even though Krause intended on attending a pricey private university to pursue a degree in business, he ended up taking several psychology courses. Ultimately, he chose to take a five-year college term.

“I had to go to the same father and say, ‘Dad, if I want to graduate with a degree in business, it looks like I’m going to need five years,’ and he said, ‘That’s fine, I pay for four; you pay for the last one.'”

Krause finds today that psychology is embedded in the business world and is grateful for his diverse college curriculum.

Shortly after graduating from Syracuse, he went on to create the household sponge that would make him famous following an appearance on “Shark Tank.”

Those who are interested in this innovative sponge, it is largely sold at Bed Bath & Beyond, on QVC, and at Wal-Mart.

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