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University Of South Carolina Medical Student Found Dead In Peru


via Facebook

Seth Thomas, a 24-year-old University of South Carolina medical student, has been found dead after he disappeared while on a hike in Peru.

Thomas, 24, of South Carolina, went missing on Friday, June 23 near the city of Cusco, Peru. According to reports, Thomas had said he was going for a hike near the local Cerro Picol mountain trail.

Mountain rescue crews began searching for Thomas after he did not return eight hours after he had left. Officers found his body on Sunday, June 25, around 1:30 PM local time. Early investigation findings suggest that Thomas died in a hiking accident.  The United States Embassy in Peru assisted in the search efforts.

via Post & Courier:

Seth Thomas, 24, originally of Irmo, according to the man’s Facebook profile, had been in Peru working with a nonprofit there to improve women’s health as part of a clinical program through Augusta University. Little is known about the circumstances surrounding Thomas’ death.

Thomas had been missing since June 23 when he went for a hike by himself. He was last seen in the area of the San Jerónimo District, Cusco, according to the poster.

“It is so tragic that someone who was dedicating his life to help those in need was taken from us before he could achieve his life’s dreams,” said USC President Harris Pastides said in a statement.

Thomas, who was in Peru through a clinical program at Augusta University, was scheduled to return to the United States nest week.

The University of South Carolina is offering counseling to those affected by Thomas’ death.

That is all the information available at this time. This article will be updated should more information about Thomas’ passing become available.

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