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WWE SmackDown: Results, Live Updates & Must-See Highlights – 06/20/17


WWE SmackDown is live from Dayton, Ohio. General Manager Daniel Bryan is here to address the controversy surrounding the Money In The Bank pay-per-view. We’ll start off tonight’s show with the new Ms. Money In The Bank a.k.a. “The Princess of Staten Island” Carmella…

WWE SmackDown Viewing Details

Date: Tuesday, June 20, 2017
Time: 8:00 P.M. EST
TV Channel: USA
Location: Wright State University Nutter Center, Dayton, OH, US
Online: USA
Mobile: USA Now

WWE SmackDown Live Results

Stick around for live updates from tonight’s show. Refresh the page and find out…

Carmella kicks off SmackDown

Ms. Money In The Bank is in the building, y’all! She’s here with “The Chinless Wonder” James Ellsworth and she’s happy af. Carmella says who cares if she won the briefcase in underhanded fashion. There are no rules in that ladder match, so how could you break a rule? She’s talks trash about all her competitors. She’s not running on girl power. She’s in it for herself! She’s just smarter than the rest. “The Princess of Staten Island” has been held back ever since she was the last draft pick of the 2016 WWE Draft.

It’s Carmella time to shine, bay-bee!

“The Queen” Charlotte Flair gets up in Daniel Bryan’s Grill

Charlotte is heated about the outcome of Sunday’s Money In The Bank women’s ladder match. The Queens wants the SmackDown Live General Manager to do what is right.

Big E vs. Jimmy Uso

The New Day start off this segment with some comedy. Kofi hypes up Big E as “big, handsome, and he has a big nightstick and he’s not afraid to use it!”

Big E controls the match early on against Jimmy Uso. Big E even spanks that boy Jimmy. The Usos is getting whopped, literally. Jey distracts E, and his brother capitalizes with a big kick. Jimmy even kicks ya boy Kofi in the head.

Jimmy Uso has had enough. He leaves the ring. But Kofi fires back on the attack. Big E grabs Jimmy back into the ring. E gives Jimmy a Big Ending to finish off this bad boy!

Big E defeats Jimmy Uso

Nattie and Tamina are looking for answers

Natalya Neidhart and Tamina Snuka are in SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan’s office. Nattie tries to butter up Bryan, talking about Bryan’s new life as a father. Tamina cuts through the bull-sh*t and asks if Bryan will handle the “Carmella situation.” If not, Tamina will put her boot in the mouth of the so-called Ms. Money In The Bank. D-Bry assures the ladies that he’ll see what he can do. Bryan will make an official announcement later tonight.

Lana wants another match

“The Ravishing Russian” still has a bone to pick with WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi. The champ doesn’t think Lana deserves it, but lucky for her, Naomi doesn’t mind giving out opportunities. Next week, we’ll see Naomi defend her championship against Lana.

Sit-down Interview with “The Viper” Randy Orton

If Orton can back up his words, Mahal better watch out!

Dolph Ziggler vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

The match starts off at a snail’s pace as both men trade holds. Ziggler counters a cross-armbreaker and takes control. The two competitors tangle it up in the ropes and the referee breaks it up. Nakamura ducks a cheap shot and tells “The Showoff” to “bring it!” Nakamura takes out Dolph out with a hard shot to the face.

Ziggler takes control, pushing Nakamura’s face into the ringpost and turnbuckle. The Showoff nails a dropkick and goes for the pin. 1…2…kick out!

Dolph has Nakamura locked in his grasp. Ziggler controls the pace with a headlock. But Nakamura battles back and knocks The Showoff over the top rope. When we return from the break, Nakamura is back in that headlock. But “The King of Strong Style” fights back with insane kicks.

Nakamura continues the offense and locks Ziggler in a cross armbreaker in the center of the ring. Ziggler fights back with another cheap shot which breaks up the submission hold. Ziggler hits an elbow. Nakamura attempts the reverse exploder, but Dolph counters with a Zig Zag. Ziggler goes for the pin. 1…2…kick out!

Ziggler goes on the attack with another headlock. Nakamura fights back. Both competitors trade moves until Nakamura puts an exclamation mark on this match with a Kinshasa kick.

Shinsuke Nakamura defeat Dolph Ziggler

Becky Lynch is upset about the outcome of Money In The Bank

Becky looks so upset that she might just tear up. She wonders if SmackDown Live isn’t the “land of opportunity,” but the “land of handouts.”

Kevin Owens’ United States Championship Challenge: Kevin Owens vs. Chad Gable

Owens offers any open challenge for the U.S. Championship for any wrestler from Danton, Ohio.

KO doesn’t like Gable accepting his challenge. He doesn’t think Gable is a citizen of Danton, Ohio. Chad says that he just moved there this morning. KO protests the match. Gable starts off the match with a flurry of German suplexes. Owens leaves the ring to catch his breath. When KO returns to the ring, Gable immediately goes on the attack. Gable is damn vicious.

But Owens fights back hard and throws Chad into the barricade. KO brings Gable into the ring and dominates with hard shot, a senton splash, and a breath-taking headlock. Gable fights out, but Owens immediately stops his momentum with a hard shot. But KO takes too long to gloat and runs right into a dropkick.

Owens regains control and props Gable on the top rope for a superplex. Gable battles out. But Owens grabs him by the leg and throws him down to the ring. “You’re not on my level!” yells Owens.

Gable counters KO’s offense, but the champ quickly regains control. However, KO is too distracted by AJ Styles at ringside and Gable reverses once again. Gable ascends the top rope and hits a flawless moonsault. Chad goes for the pin. 1…2…kick out!

KO fights back and throws Gable into the ringpost. Owens runs for a cannonball, but gets caught. Chad regains control with a devastating suplex.

But there’s a reason why Kevin Owens is champion. KO isn’t fazed by Gable’s offense and ends the match with a pop-up powerbomb.

The Hype Bros want a shot at WWE SmackDown Tag Team Titles

The Hype Bros are in Daniel Bryan’s office. We see footage from December when Ryder and Mojo won a #1 contender battle royal. But Ryder got injured and the division has shifted dramatically.

Bryan makes an announcement. If The Hype Bros can beat The Usos next week then they earn themselves a title shot.

GM Daniel Bryan invites all the ladies from the Money In The Bank ladder match to the ring

All the women from the ladder match are in the ring, and D-Bry has some business to handle. Of course, Carmella and James Ellsworth don’t like how the outcome of the match is being questioned. Ellsworth says that Bryan has spending too much time with his vegan baby, and has gone soft. Bryan gets into Ellsworth’s face and threatens to punch in the face and fire him if he speaks another word about his daughter.

Nattie talks trash, but Charlotte says if she doesn’t stop talking then she’s gonna look like James Ellsworth. Tamina says the exact same thing for Charlotte.

Daniel Bryan says that Carmella will make history as the first woman to ever hand over a Money In the Bank briefcase. Carmella looks devastated and D-Bry grabs that briefcase. When Bryan leaves the ring, a brawl ensues, and Carmella gets trapped between Becky and Charlotte Flair. Ms. Flair hits a Natural Selection on Carmella. Then Becky makes “The Princess of Staten Island” tap out with a Disarm Her.

Next Week: We’ll see a women’s Money In The Bank ladder rematch between all five women.

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal vs. Luke Harper

The champ gains control early on, but he gets too confident. Harper counters and sends Mahal reeling outside the ring as we go to commercial break.

We’re back from the break and Mahal is still laid out at ringside. Harper charges and sails through the middle rope, taking out The Singh Brothers. Mahal capitalizes and beats the living hell out of Harper.

Mahal is controlling the pace, beating down his opponent and locking him into submission holds. Harper attempts to fight out, but Mahal continues the onslaught. Luke counters with a butterfly suplex. Both men are down.

Harper rises to his feet first. The big man charges and takes down Mahal. Luke whips Jinder into the turnbuckle. The former Wyatt Family is relentless, taking down Mahal with a flurry of offense, including a sick big boot.

Jinder fights back and Harper returns the punishment. Luke ascends the top rope, but gets caught by the WWE Champion. Mahal hits a superplex. Then we hear the music of Mr. Money In The Bank Baron Corbin. Is Baron going to cash in the contract? Nope. Corbin is just trolling.

Mahal is too distracted and gets rolled up by Harper. Jinder kicks out, but Luke continues the assault. Luke is setting up Mahal for a lariat, but a Singh Brother jumps up on the apron. Mahal capitalizes on the now-distracted Harper with a Khallas.

Jinder Mahal defeats Luke Harper

Post-Match: Randy Orton runs down to ringside and beats the crap out of Mahal. The Singh Brothers get involved and try to turn the tide. But Orton just takes out both men instead. Mahal retreats into the crowd. The champion looks frightened of The Viper.

WWE SmackDown Announced Matches

  1. Big E vs. Jimmu Uso
  2. Dolph Ziggler vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
  3. Kevin Owens’ United States Championship Challenge: Kevin Owens vs. Chad Gable
  4. WWE Champion Jinder Mahal vs. Luke Harper

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