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NBA Trade Rumors 2017: A Trade Proposal (or two) for all 30 Teams


I will admit that this idea is not my own, and Bill Barnwell did a version of this for the NFL Draft. Adapting the idea for the NBA, especially with the frequency of pre-draft and draft-night trades, makes sense. Essentially, every team in the NBA is chasing the Warrior’s super team, and every team has gaps they need to fill. While each team has staff hired to find the best trade options, sometimes they do not think far enough outside the box. That is where I come in. Do I think each of these trades will happen? Absolutely not. Will each of these trades improve the team? Ideally yes. I will be checking the salaries on the trade with the ESPN trade machine and I will be using this NBA draft value chart  (not as frequently used as an NFL value chart but it will give us a general idea of pick value) to determine a possible trade for each NBA team. This will go in alphabetical order and will assess the assets of each team and determine what to move and what to target. Free agency will not begin until July 1, so the status and future of any pending free-agents is speculative at this point.

Atlanta Hawks

Draft Picks: 1 (19), 2 (31), 2 (60)
Important Free Agents: Paul Millsap (Declined Player Option)
Team Needs: Power Forward, Wing Scoring
Trade Proposal: If Millsap leaves, he needs to be replaced. Blake Griffin could be signed as the Hawks are clearing a ton of cap room. Harry Giles, John Collins, or Lauri Markkanen could be options in the draft. The Hawks would need to move up though.

Atlanta Gets- 1 (12)

Detroit Gets- 1 (19), 2 (32)

Boston Celtics

Draft Picks: 1 (3),  2 (37), 2 (53), 2 (56)
Important Free Agents: Amir Johnson, Kelly Olynyk
Team Needs: Wing Scoring, Power Forward, Shot-Blocking
Trade Proposal:

Celtics Get-Kevin Love, Willie Cauley-Stein, 1 (5)

Cavaliers Get- Jaylen Brown, Avery Bradley, 1 (10)

Kings Get- 1 (3), Iman Shumpert, 2019 Boston First Round, 2018 Cavs first round


Celtics get- Kristaps Porzingis

Knicks get- 1 (3), Jae Crowder, Marcus Smart

Brooklyn Nets

Draft Picks: 1 (22), 1(27), 2 (57)
Important Free Agents: None
Team Needs: Draft Picks, Warm Bodies
Trade Proposal: The Nets need to get younger and tank properly. This means moving some of their veteran players and acquiring future picks.

Nets Get- 1 (18), 2018 First round pick
Pacers Get- Jeremy Lin, 1 (27)

Charlotte Hornets

Draft Picks: 1(11), 2 (41)
Important Free Agents: None
Team Needs: Big Man, Outside Shooting
Trade Proposal: The Hornets could be satisfied where they are in the draft, but they are way over cap and should try to dump some money.

Hornets get- John Henson
Bucks get- Marco Belinelli, Frank Kaminsky

Chicago Bulls

Draft Picks: 1 (16), 2 (38)
Important Free Agents: Nikola Mirotic, Michael Carter-Willams
Team Needs: Youth, Guards
Trade Proposal: The Bulls either need to get cheaper and younger, or start all over.

Bulls Get- 1 (3), Jae Crowder, Marcus Smart

Celtics Get- Jimmy Butler, 1 (16)

Cleveland Cavaliers

Draft Picks: None
Important Free Agents: Kyle Korver, Deron Williams
Team Needs: Wing Defenders, Youth
Trade Proposal: Cavs are in win now mode. Should do everything possible to make that happen. here

Dallas Mavericks

Draft Picks: 1(9)
Important Free Agents: Nerlens Noel
Team Needs: Point Guard, Power Forward
Trade Proposal: The Mavericks need a point guard and Nowitzki’s eventual replacement

Mavericks Get- Brandon Knight, 2 (32), 2018 First rounder
Suns Get- 1 (9), DeAndre Liggins

Denver Nuggets

Draft Picks: 1(13), 2 (49)
Important Free Agents: Danilo Gallinari
Team Needs: Wing Scorer, Big Man
Trade Proposal: If they can’t draft a scoring wing, they may need to trade for one. Or they could target another big man.

Nuggets Get- Kristaps Porzingis, 2018 First rounder

Knicks Get- Emmanuel Mudiay, Gary Harris, 1 (13)

Detroit Pistons

Draft Picks: 1(12)
Important Free Agents: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
Team Needs: Center, Backcourt Depth
Trade Proposal: The Pistons may look for a cheaper center going forward. They just do not many assets to move.

Pistons get- Nicolas Batum, Cody Zeller, 1 (11)
Hornets get- Andre Drummond, Stanley Johnson, Henry Ellenson

Golden State Warriors

Draft Picks: None
Important Free Agents: Andre Iguodala, Stephen Curry, Shaun Livingston, Kevin Durant (Player Option)
Team Needs: Big Man, Wing Replacements
Trade Proposal: The Warriors need to replenish their bench depth if they leave in free agency

Warriors get- Gerald Henderson, Jerryd Bayless

76ers get- Warriors 2018 First round, 2020 Second round, Patrick McCaw

Houston Rockets

Draft Picks: 2 (43), 2 (45)
Important Free Agents: Nene
Team Needs: Defensive Wing, Athletic Big Man
Trade Proposal: The Rockets got exposed defensively in the playoffs when they stopped making their shots.

Rockets get- Wilson Chandler, Malik Beasley, 2 (49)
Nuggets get- Trevor Ariza, Montrezl Harrell

Indiana Pacers

Draft Picks: 1(18), 2 (47)
Important Free Agents: Jeff Teague, C.J. Miles
Team Needs: Point Guard, Outside Shooting
Trade Proposal: If the Pacers want to move on from Paul George, they should do it soon.

Pacers get- 2019 First round, 2020 First round, D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle

Lakers get- Paul George OR Pacers get- 1 (2), D’Angelo Russell
Lakers get- Paul George 1 (18)

LA Clippers

Draft Picks: None
Important Free Agents: J.J. Redick, Chris Paul (Early Termination Option), Blake Griffin (Early Termination Option)
Team Needs: Wing Defending, Shooting Guard
Trade Proposal: J.J. Redick may leave this off-season, and Chris Paul and Blake Griffin could too. Clippers need to plan for the worst

Clippers get-Solomon Hill, 2 (40)
Pelicans get- Jamal Crawford

Los Angeles Lakers

Draft Picks:  1 (2), 1 (28)
Important Free Agents: None
Team Needs: Cap Space, Big Man
Trade Proposal: The Lakers have a bevy of options, and should be looking to build a team around Paul George in 2018. (See Pacers’ trade. This one is more low key)

Lakers get- Iman Shumpert, 2018 first round, 2019 Second round
Cavs get- Luol Deng OR Lakers get- 1 (9)
Mavericks get- D’Angelo Russell

Memphis Grizzlies

Draft Picks: None
Important Free Agents: Zach Randolph, Vince Carter, Tony Allen
Team Needs: Wing Scoring
Trade Proposal: The Grizzlies can choose their direction going forward. A rebuild will require some picks, however.

Grizzlies get- 2 (43), 2 (45)
Rockets get- Troy Daniels

Miami Heat

Draft Picks: 1(14)
Important Free Agents: Dion Waiters, James Johnson
Team Needs: Power Forward, Wing Depth
Trade Proposal: The Heat are always looking to make a splash in free agency, and never stay attached to their draft picks

Heat get- Kevin Love
Cavaliers get- 1(14), Justise Winslow, Josh Richardson, 2019 first round pick

Milwaukee Bucks

Draft Picks: 1 (17), 2 (48)
Important Free Agents: Greg Monroe (Player Option), Tony Snell
Team Needs: Outside Shooting, Rim Protection
Trade Proposal: The Bucks are just a few pieces away from contending, but will they want to sacrifice any pieces of their core?

Bucks get- Kristaps Porzingis, 1 (8)
Knicks get- 1 (17), Jabari Parker

Minnesota Timberwolves

Draft Picks: 1 (7)
Important Free Agents: None
Team Needs: Shooting Guard, Big-man Depth
Trade Proposal: The Timberwolves have the young assets if they want to make a splash

Timberwolves get- Jimmy Butler, 1 (16), Rajon Rondo

Bulls get- Ricky Rubio, Andrew Wiggins, 1 (7)

New Orleans Pelicans

Draft Picks: 2 (40)
Important Free Agents: Jrue Holiday
Team Needs: Shooting Wing
Trade Proposal: The Pelicans have two franchise cornerstones. They need pieces around them.

Pelicans get- Allen Crabbe, 1 (26)
Trail Blazers get- Solomon Hill, Quincy Pondexter

New York Knicks

Draft Picks: 1 (8), 2 (44), 2 (58)
Important Free Agents: Derrick Rose
Team Needs: Point Guard, Athletic Wing
Trade Proposal: The Knicks are a dumpster fire, and now they want to trade their best player. Let’s see how that goes.

Knicks get- Austin Rivers, 2018 First round pick, Jamal Crawford
Clippers get- Carmelo Anthony

Oklahoma City Thunder

Draft Picks: 1 (21), 2 (51)
Important Free Agents: Taj Gibson
Team Needs: Outside Shooting
Trade Proposal: The Thunder have an all world player. Now if they could just get him to pass the ball

Thunder Get- Marco Belinelli, Miles Plumlee, 1 (11)

Hornets Get- Enes Kanter

Orlando Magic

Draft Picks: 1(6), 1 (25), 2 (33), 2 (35)
Important Free Agents: Jeff Green
Team Needs: Forward
Trade Proposal: The Magic may need to move up a few spots if they truly want that franchise cornerstone.

Magic get-1 (3), 2 (37), Terry Rozier
Boston gets- Aaron Gordon, 1 (6), 1 (25), 2018 First round

Philadelphia 76ers

Draft Picks: 1 (1), 2 (36), 2 (39), 2 (46), 2 (50)
Important Free Agents: None
Team Needs: Guard, Shooting Wing
Trade Proposal: After making a splash, the process still has some second round picks to move around with.

76ers get- 2019 first round pick, Luol Deng

Lakers get- Jahlil Okafor

Phoenix Suns

Draft Picks: 1 (4), 2 (32), 2 (54)
Important Free Agents: Alex Len
Team Needs: Big Man, Wing Scoring
Trade Proposal: The backcourt is crowded and not terribly cohesive. Some of those assets can move

Suns get- Jimmy Butler
Bulls get- Eric Bledsoe, 1 (4), 2018 First round

Portland Trail Blazers

Draft Picks: 1 (15), 1 (20), 1 (26)
Important Free Agents: None
Team Needs: Big Man, Scoring Wing
Trade Proposal: The Blazers have some stars, but not enough to be wholly competitive. They could move up.

Blazers get- Kenneth Faried

Nuggets get- 1 (20), 1 (26), Evan Turner

Sacramento Kings

Draft Picks: 1 (5), 1 (10), 2 (34)
Important Free Agents: Tyreke Evans, Darren Collison
Team Needs: Front Court, Point Guard
Trade Proposal: The Kings could be in much worse shape after trading Demarcus Cousins. They need to make their two top 10 picks pay off.

Kings get- 1 (3), Marcus Smart
Celtics get- 1 (5), 1(10)

San Antonio Spurs

Draft Picks: 1 (29), 2 (59)
Important Free Agents: Manu Ginobili, Patty Mills
Team Needs: Front-Court Depth, Guard Depth
Trade Proposal: The Spurs need to get younger and more athletic up front if they want to compete for titles

Spurs get- Kristaps Porzingis
Knicks get- LaMarcus Aldridge, Dejounte Murray

Toronto Raptors

Draft Picks: 1(23)
Important Free Agents: Kyle Lowry, Serge Ibaka, Patrick Patterson, P.J. Tucker
Team Needs: Front Court Scoring, Wing Defending
Trade Proposal: The Raptors seems destined for second round elimination every season. They need to make a splash.

Raptors get- Andre Drummond

Pistons get- Jonas Valanciunas, 1 (23)

Utah Jazz

Draft Picks: 1 (24), 1 (30), 2 (42), 2 (55)
Important Free Agents: Gordon Hayward (Player Option), George Hill
Team Needs: Guard, Forward Depth
Trade Proposal: The Jazz have some solid picks, but are in danger of losing their most solid player

Jazz get- Carmelo Anthony
Knicks get- 1 (24), Trey Lyles

Washington Wizards

Draft Picks: 2 (54)
Important Free Agents: Otto Porter
Team Needs: Wing Scoring, Big-Man Depth
Trade Proposal: The Wizards depth proved to be an issue in the playoffs. They will look to add to it.

Wizards get- Jamal Crawford, Wesley Johnson
Clippers get- 2 (54), 2018 First round

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