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London Shooting: Full Story & Must-See Details on Drive By



According to Breaking News’ Twitter account, there has been a drive-by shooting in London that has left at least two people injured. More details to come.

What Happened?

1London reports that two young women were shot as they sat in their car on a busy street. The shooting took place on Brentwood Road in Romford, Essex, around 10:00 P.M. as the women were waiting in their black Audi A3 hatchback, which was parked near The Wheatsheaf pub.

The women are reportedly aged 23 and 24 and witnesses saw them stagger to a nearby car before being taken to an east London hospital my a bystander.

A witness who preferred to remain anonymous said the shooters drove up in a silver car alongside the victims.

“It pulled up alongside as the two women were sitting in theirs and then before you knew it you heard five or six gunshots and the silver car drove off. Then the two girls stumbled down to the corner of Wheatsheaf Road and got into another car that looked like it had been waiting for them on the corner. Their car was in a right state. The bullets had gone all the way in one side and out the other.

“No one saw much of the girls. They got out the area really quickly – apparently someone took them straight to hospital.”

Another witness who arrived early on the scene said gun casings were scattered across the road.

Both women are being treated in the hospital, though their injures are reportedly not life threatening.

Police have sealed off Brentwood Road as they search for the gunmen.

Brent Connors, who lives next to where the shooting happened, told the Standard: “I heard four or five shot gun bangs and two cars speeding off past my window, and then two women running up the road. I now understand the two women running away were injured and the ones that got shot in the car.”

A resident of Tolburt Court, in nearby Lennox Close, said one of the victims lives in the estate.

“She’s a lovely girl. I say hello to her when we’re both walking our dogs sometimes,” they told the outlet. “It’s very scary isn’t it? She’s only a small girl. She probably got lucky and the bullets went over her head. I’ve seen where the car got shot and if she was a little taller she’d most likely be dead.”


While this incident does not appear to be terror-related in any way, London has seen several deadly attacks in 2017. One June 3, a van mounted the pavement of London Bridge and drove into pedestrians, killing 11 and injuring 48. On May 22, a suicide bomber detonated an explosive at the exit of the Manchester Arena following an Ariana Grande concert, killing 23 and injuring 119. On March 22, a terrorist drove his vehicle into a crowd of people at the Palace of Westminster and attacked others with a knife, killing 6 and injuring 49.

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