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16-Year-Old Arrested In Connection With The Square One Mall Lockdown


Square One Mal via Wikipedia

A 16-year-old identified teenager has been arrested for the active shooter situation at the Square One Mall in Massachusettes on the morning of Monday, June 19.

According to reports, state and local police were called to the Square One mall around 4:30 AM after a report of a break-in at the mall’s Dick’s Sporting Goods. The unidentified teen, who was labeled as armed and dangerous, was holed up inside of the Dick’s Sporting Goods and was believed to have gained access to the gun section of the store.

According to witnesses at the scene, police blocked off all entrances to the mall and had several ambulances on standby.

via WHDH:

A break-in alarm at Dick’s Sporting Goods was triggered around 4 a.m., prompting a response for a person who was believed to be held up inside the store.

Upon arrival, police say they found the window of the sporting goods store smashed, which is what set off the alarm. Officers reported seeing a suspect armed with a possible gun. A SWAT team was called to the scene.

Authorities say the suspect, 16, broke into a gun rack and obtained ammunition from the store’s hunting department. They say suspect escaped the mall, but that he was later taken into custody. He has not been identified/

Officers searched the mall multiple times during the hours-long standoff. Employees responding to work were kept outside and a safe distance from the mall.

The Saguas Police Department released an official statement on the incident:

The Saugus Police Department is at the scene of a break-in at the Dick’s Sporting Goods at the Square One Mall. One armed and dangerous intruder is believed to be inside.

This is an active situation, and the Saugus Police Department urges everyone to avoid the Mall area at this time. Additional details will be released as soon as they are available.

At this time, there are no reports of any injuries or casualties. Saugus Police, NEMLEC SWAT team, Massachusetts State Police and ATF were all on the scene, and the mall’s opening was delayed due to the incident.

This story is developling. Please refrsh for updates.

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