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USA 3×3 Basketball Live Stream: How To Watch


The FIBA 3×3 World Cup starts today, June 17th and the United States of America is sending a lean and mean group of killers to take on the rest of the world. Damon Huffman, Craig Moore, Dan Mavraides, and Zahir Carrington (left to right) won the Team USA tournament in Colorado Springs earlier this year to earn the right to represent the Red, White, and Blue.

With the way the scoring and rules work in 3×3 basketball, the three-point line is more important than ever. Normal buckets are worth just one point, while a shot from downtown is worth twice as much: two points. That works out just fine for Team USA, since all of these guys are killers from behind the line. The game is extremely fast-paced with zero room for rest.

Look to watch Team USA try to dominate from three-point land, while Zahir Carrington (an extremely versatile and quick big) will try to lock down the opponent’s biggest player. The USA doesn’t have the most size in the tournament, but the value of the 3-ball, plus the speed at which the game is played (12-second shot clock), means that small ball can easily win the day.

Best of luck to Team USA!

Viewing Details:

Date: Saturday, June 17, 2017
Time: 10:30 AM EST, 11:40 AM EST
TV Channel: None
Host: Kyle Montgomery
Location: Nantes, France

How To Watch:

FIBA 3×3 is live streaming the entire tournament on YouTube, so you can check out all the games just by clicking the link below. Team USA will play at 10:30 AM against a strong Netherlands team, and then again at 11:40 AM against Indonesia. If the USA can walk away with two wins in the first day, that’s the best thing they could ask for.

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