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Adam West Quotes: Best Quotes & Most-Famous Sayings


Adam West warmed the hearts of millions, whether in the 1960s slapstick version of Batman or as the lovable Mayor West on Family Guy. West has left us with many moments that are incredibly funny and memorable.

West’s career spanned seven decades. He began his journey into show-business in 1954 as a sidekick on El Kini Popo Show. He may have passed away this Saturday morning, but he’s left the world with many great words of wisdom…

Adam West Quotes: Best Quotes & Most-Famous Sayings

“I’ve always tried to fit what I do professionally into my family, rather than the other way around.”

“How many actors have a shot at being a part of something that became a part of pop culture? It’s been very rewarding. I’m not getting the 20 million bucks for the new movies, but at least I’m getting warmth and recognition from people wherever I go.”

Mayor Adam West: “I’m being a rascal and ringing people’s doorbells and running away.”

Mayor West: “Perhaps it was the Noid who should have avoided ME.”

MW: ” Silly, yes. Idiotic, yes.”

MW: “Prepare to meet your maker at the hand of my cat launcher.”

MW: “Creamed corn, I brought it from home. I don’t like the corn they have here, it’s too crunchy.”

MW: “I guess I told him! Nobody messes with Adam We!”

MW: “Only saying his name backwards can send him back to the Fifth Dimension, where he belongs.”

MW: “Yes: box, toaster, aluminum, maple syrup- no I take that one back. I’m gonna hold on to that one.”

Batman: “Nothing’s sacred to those devils.”

BM: “Come on, Robin, to the Bat Cave! There’s not a moment to lose!”

BM: “The miserable weakling. He fainted dead away!”

BM: “To the Batcave!”

BM: “All music is important, Dick. It’s the universal language. One of our best hopes for the eventual realization of the brotherhood of man.”

BM: “The jokes on you, Riddler!”

BM: “That’s not the point, Robin. What’s important is that the world know that all visitors to these teeming shores are safe, be they peasant or king.”

BM: “Haven’t you noticed how we always escape the vicious ensnarements of our enemies?”

BM: “I like to think it’s because our hearts are pure.”

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