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This Is How Long It Will Take You To Binge ‘Game Of Thrones’ Before The Season 7 Premiere



At the time of this writing, there are exactly 40 (40!!!!) days until the premiere of the seventh season of Game Of Thrones, and needless to say, the hype for the show may be at an all-time high.

Daenerys is finally making her way to Westeros, Cersei’s evil ass is Queen of the Realm, Jon Snow in King in the North, and the White Walkers are COMING. In layman’s terms: the endgame for Thrones is in sight.

The only downside of this upcoming season (other than the fact that it’s the beginning of the end) is that it’s only 7 episodes long, as opposed to the usual 10. However, because we’re getting fewer episodes, that means every episode we do get will be that much more action packed. Point I’m making is, in all likelihood, this is going to be the most frenetic and electric season of Thrones yet, and if you have any sense, you’re going to want to watch it live.

But what if you’re one of the psychopaths unlucky ones who haven’t peeped Thrones yet? Do you have time to catch up in time for the July 16 premiere? Is it realistically possible?

Luckily for those of you out there, it is possible. Very much so.

via Uproxx:

So, how long will it take to make it through the whole series if you’re starting now? We’ve calculated the run times of every episode so you can plan your life around watching Game of Thrones accordingly. Here’s what you’re looking at in terms of time per episode, and per season:

  • Season 1 = 557 minutes = 9 hours 17 minutes
  • Season 2 = 549 minutes = 9 hours 9 minutes
  • Season 3 = 555 minutes = 9 hours 15 minutes
  • Season 4 = 543 minutes = 9 hours and 3 minutes
  • Season 5 = 561 minutes = 9 hours and 21 minutes
  • Season 6 = 563 minutes = 9 hours 23 minutes
  • Total: 55 hours 28 minutes

In chunks, that’s pretty digestible, but of you need, there are some areas where you can save yourself some time. Opening credits vary but are typically 1:35-1:45 in length. You can skip all but the opening episode credits for every season, and season 6 episode 10 as it has the glorious reclamation of Winterfell by the Starks, so you’re skipping 53 opening credits, which would save you 88 minutes and 33 seconds.

With the premiere coming on July 16th, as of this writing, you have 41 days, with the seconds and minutes counting down. That means you’ll need to watch roughly 1.4 episodes per day, including on the day of the premiere, to get completely caught up on everything that’s happened in Westeros over the last few years.

So there you have it — if you want to catch up by the Thrones premiere and not be a cultural outcast, you have to crush one and a half episodes per day. Easy money if you ask me. Just power through the first season and you won’t be able to peel your eyes away.

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