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Apple WWDC 2017: Live Announcements, Recap & Summary



Every June during its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple previews the biggest software changes coming to the iPhone, iPad, and the Mac. The event begins on Monday, June 5th at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET and it’ll be streaming live on the Apple TV and on Apple’s website.

“The best and biggest WWDC ever,” gets started, and we have all the details. Stay tuned all day while we keep you up to date on the latest in Apple news and updates.

Most Important Details

Apple TV will host Amazon videos later this year

Machine Learning is a big focus in the new products and operating systems

High Sierra is the new MacOS operating system

Apple TV- More News in the Fall

TV OS is the first big news as Amazon shows are coming to Apple TV. More news about this coming in the fall

Apple Watch-Update coming in the Fall

The Apple watch, along with watchOS4, are getting updates

A new SIRI watch face will adapt to the time of day and your activity

New workout plans with pair your Apple watch with different gym equipment. This will begin in the fall.

Your watch can also pair with a glucose monitor, tennis racket, and even your surfboard.

MacOS- Beta available at the end of June: Free update for all in the fall

The newest operating system MacOS High Sierra

“Safari is the world’s fastest desktop browser with High Sierra”

Safari now comes with autoplay blocking and intelligent tracking prevention

Mail and photo also receiving updates to speed and efficiency

The new Apple File system has built-in crash protection and faster file processing

Outside VR technology coming to Mac as well as external graphic capabilities

iMac Desktop Computers

Faster desktop processing and memory capacity

Investment in graphics software like Metal 2

A VR demonstration shows the graphic capabilities of the iMac

New all black iMac Pro with up to 18 core Xeon processor

Comparing the iMac with similar computers

iOS Mobile Operating System- Free to the Public in the Fall

New messaging display

Apple Pay through messaging available across devices

New SIRI voices and translation features

New photos features and memories

Control center is now a single page with 3D touch

Updates to live photo add loop and bounce feature

Map updates include lane navigation

A do not disturb while driving feature automatically responds to messages while driving


App Store

The app store gets an overhaul and an entire redesign to discover “apps and stories”

The app store now has content to supplement apps and provide additional information

The daily list and recommended apps shows what is trending and popular

New Developer tools

Core ML allows developers to access machine learning and build it into an app

Augmented reality (AR) allows motion tracking to add virtual objects into an image

The AR tools allows for new creative possibilities and a demonstration drew loud applause


A new iPad Pro features a larger screen with a larger keyboard

The new screen doubles to refresh rate and allows for smoother motion content

Photo and graphic editing ramps up on the new iPad

The iPad will charge faster with USB-3 hookups. Time to buy more cords and plugs

The new iPad Pro starts at 64 GB which should be enough room for the operating system and 3 songs

iOS 11 on the iPad allows multitasking with an expanded dock

Pet VR and stream powered charger teased on test iPad. Probably a joke, but if not, you heard it here first.

Can now search written notes on an iPad with Apple Pencil and work with the new screenshot feature

Home Music- HomePod $349 Starts shipping in December

“A breakthrough home speaker”- Sounds good, spatially aware, fun to use

Apple A8 chip is the same in the iPhone as in the speaker

The speaker works to balance different parts of sound and sends them out specific to the room

The speaker is designed to work in the cloud with Apple Music

You can ask Siri to play music you like, or who is the drummer in a specific song

Siri will also work like other pods to answer questions, tell the weather, or get sport scores

No word on if it will converse with Alexa or Google

No iPhone Announcement

Absent from Apple’s presentation was any preview or mention of a new iPhone or mobile device. Stayed tuned for future updates and rumors.

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