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Police Officer Who Visciously Slammed CSU Student Into Ground Is Exonerated


Back in early April, Michaella Surat, a Colorado State sorority girl, was slammed to the ground outside of a bar by a police officer.

Surat, 22, was thrown to the ground outside Bondi Beach Bar in Fort Collins, Colorado, on Thursday, April 6, after allegedly attempting to hit one of the officers. Police were called to the Bondi Beach Bar after reports of a fight that involved Surat’s boyfriend.

According to Kate Kimble, a Fort Collins police spokeswoman, while the responding officers were gathering information from Bondi Beach employees about the fight, Surat allegedly “shoulder-checked the bouncer and an officer and then pulled her boyfriend from the area.”

Now, almost two months later, the Colorado police officer who slammed Surat has been exonerated and permitted to return to work.

According to Denver 7, Fort Collins Police Services concluded its internal review which cleared Officer Randy Klamser of any wrongdoing.

via Denver 7:

After an internal investigation into an arrest in Old Town, Officer Randy Klamser has been exonerated and returned to full duty,” said a spokesperson for the Fort Collins Police Services in a statement sent to Denver7.

According to Fort Collins Police Services, the Citizen’s Review Board reviewed the investigation and, “concurred with the chain of command that Officer Klamser should be exonerated of any policy violations during the incident.”

The review board found that Officer Klamser did not violate any city or agency rule, regulation, policy, procedure or training directive when he slammed Michaella Surat, 22, to the ground outside Bondi Beach Bar the evening of April 6.

The Fort Collins police department said the body cam footage will not be released until after the District Attorney’s Office prosecution has concluded it’s investigation.

Officer Randy Klamser was back at work on June 1.

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