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College Football Hall of Fame 2018: Overview & Must-See Details


The National Football Foundation has dropped onto us a star-studded 2018 class headlined by Calvin Johnson, Eric Dickerson, Charles Woodson, Troy Polamalu, and Ray Lewis. For the coaches, Frank Beamer and Mack Brown from Virginia Tech and Texas respectively. In total, the Football Bowl Subdivision has 75 players and six coaches being inducted and 98 players and 31 coaches from the divisional rank.

There’s a strict criteria to joining the Hall of Fame: the player needs to be recognized as an All-American along with 10 years must have passed since their last season in college football. For coaches they need to have had coached for 10 seasons, coached 100 games, and was able to maintain a .600 winning percentage.

We alphabetized all the FBS player inductees by their schools for future professional research purposes.

Air Force: Ernie Jennings (WR)
Alabama: E.J. Junior (DL)
Arizona State: David Fulcher (DB), Jake Plummer (QB)
Arkansas: Cliff Powell (LB), Dan Hampton (DL)
Auburn: Gregg Carr (LB), Buddy McClinton (DB)
California: Ron Rivera (LB), Tony Gonzales (TE)
Colorado: Michael Westbrook (WR)
Florida State: Terrell Buckley (DB)
Florida: Lomas Brown (OL),
Georgia Tech: Marco Coleman (LB), Calvin Johnson (WR)
Georgia: Matt Stinchcomb (OL)
Illinois: Moe Gardner (DL), Dana Howard (LB), Simeon Rice (LB)
Indiana: Antwaan Randle El (QB)
Iowa: Robert Gallery (OL)
Kansas State: Martin Gramatica (K)
Kansas State: Michael Bishop (QB),
Kentucky: Tim Couch (QB)
LSU: Kevin Faulk (RB)
Miami: Ray Lewis (LB), Ed Reed (RB), Warren Sapp (DL)
Michigan State: Lorenzo White (RB), Morten Anderson (K)
Michigan: Charles Woodson (DB), Rick Leach (QB), Jumbo Elliott (OT)
Minnesota: Bob Stein (DL)
NC State: Torry Holt (WR)
Nebraska: Aaron Taylor (OL), Zach Weigert (OL)
Nebraska: Eric Crouch (QB)
Nortre Dame: Mark Bavaro (TE), Raghib Ismail (WR), Aaron Taylor (OL)
Ohio State: Chris Ward (OL), Jim Otis (FB), Keith Byars (RB)
Oklahoma State: Leslie O’Neal (DL)
Oklahoma: Rickey Dixon (DB)
Ole Miss: Patrick Willis (LB)
Oregon State: Jess Lewis (DL), John Didion (OL)
Penn State: Kerry Collins (QB), Steve Wisniewski (OL)
Pittsburg: Matt Cavanaugh (QB), Craig Heyward (RB)
Purdue: Larry Burton (WR), Taylor Stubblefield (WR)
Rice: Trevor Cobb (RB),
SMU: Eric Dickerson (RB)
Stanford: Ed McCaffrey (WR)
TCU: Kenneth Davis (RB)
Temple: Paul Palmer (RB)
Texas A&M: Jacob Green (DL)
Texas Tech: Byron Hanspard (RB)
Tulane: Marc Zeno (WB)
UCLA: Cade McNown (QB), Ken Norton Jr. (LB)
USC: Mark Carrier (DB), Troy Palamalu (DB)
Utah State: Phil Olsen (DL)
Virginia: Shawn Moore (QB), Anthony Poindexter (DB)
Washington State: Jason Hanson (K)
Washington: Al Worley (DB)
Wisconsin: Troy Vincent (DB)
Wyoming: Marcus Harris (WR)
Yale: Rich Diana (RB)

This class will be joining 987 players other players that have been collecting since 1951 when the Hall of Fame was established. The class will be announced officially January 8th and inaugurated at the NFF Awards Dinner on December 4, 2018.

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