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Chris Cornell Net Worth 2017: How Much Is Soungarden’s Lead Singer Worth Now?


Many grunge rock fans were saddened to hear the news of Chris Cornell’s death. He was the highly popular lead singer of Soundgarden and Audioslave. Cornell represented a rebellious generation of grunge rock in the early to mid ’90s. He was one of the architects of this grunge movement that lives on in the minds of millions.

Cornell’s career spawned three decades. He began his career in 1984, and played all the way up to the very night of his death on May 17th, 2017. He was a father, a singer, and a rock-n-roll icon. Let’s see how much money he’s left behind…

Chris Cornell’s Net Worth as of 2017: $60 Million

Chris has earned a whole lot of moolah during his life as a grunge rock superstar. His death has left an empty hole in the hearts of many fans. Whoever receives this inheritance can live smoothy, at least financially. Cornell inspired fans for decades with hits like “Black Hole Sun” and “Spoonman”. He was named by the readers of Guitar World as “Rock’s Greatest Singer.” There was only one Chris Cornell, and now the world has lost yet another musical treasure. But let’s not dwell on the death. Let’s celebrate the life of Chris Cornell.

1984 – 1994

Chris Cornell Net Worth 1994

Buda Mendes/Getty Images

In the early 1980s, Chris Cornell was the drummer and lead singer of a band called “The Shemps” with bassist Hiro Yamamoto. This band eventually dissolved, and in 1984, Soundgarden was formed. In 1987, this up-and-coming alternative metal group was signed onto Sub Pop, where they released the Screaming Life EP and Fopp EP.

In 1989, Soundgarden became the first grunge band to sign onto a major record, when they singed with A&M Records. They released the album Louder Than Love.

Soundgarden exploded in the early ’90s, standing alongside Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and Nirvana as one of the most successful bands in the entire Seattle grunge rock movement. Their third studio album Badmotorfinger has sold 1.5 million copies since its release in on October 8th, 1991. This album was nominated for Best Metal Performance at the 1992 Grammy Awards.

1994 – 1998

Chris Cornell Net Worth 1998


Soundgarden’s fourth studio album Superunknown really put this Seattle band into the limelight. This grunge rock record debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 in March 1994. This hit album was nominated for Best Rock Album at the 1995 Grammy Awards. Since its release over two decades ago, Superunknown has sold 10 million copies worldwide, and it has been certified five times platinum. This record contained such hit songs as “Black Hole Sun,” and “Spoonman,” each earning Cornell a Grammy Award in 1995, for Best Metal Performance and Best Hard Rock Performance. The song “Black Hole Sun” was ranked #25 on VH1’s list of the 100 greatest songs of the ’90s.

In 1996, Soundgarden strayed away from their grunge roots with their sixth studio album Down on the Upside. The album received great reviews, but it didn’t receive nearly as much sales or attention as Superunknown. The album’s lead single “Pretty Noose” was nominated for Best Hard Rock Performance at the 1997 Grammy Awards. Soon after, Soundgarden disbanded and didn’t get back together for over a decade. In a 1998 interview with Guitar World, Guitarist Thayill Kim said that, “It was pretty obvious from everybody’s general attitude over the course of the previous half-year that there was some dissatisfaction.”

1998 – 2007

Chris Cornell Net Worth 2007

Buda Mendes/Getty Images

After Soundgarden broke up, Cornell went off on his own as a solo artist. In 1999, he released his first solo album Euphoria Morning which turned out to be commercially unsuccessful, but it still earned Cornell a Grammy nomination for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance.

In 2001, Cornell formed the super-group known as Audioslave. After Zack de la Rocha left the band Rage Against The Machine, the remaining three members teamed up with Cornell to form a new hard rock super-group. Their self-titled debut album hit stores in November 2002 and has reached three-platinum status in the United States. This album has also earned the group a Grammy nomination for Best Hard Rock Performance.

Audioslave dropped their second studio album Out of Exile in May 2005, as he debuted with the number spot of Billboard 200. The single “Don’t Remind Me” was nominated for Best Hard Rock Performance at the 48th annual Grammy Awards. Cornell said this album contained the most personal songs he had ever wrote. That year, Audioslave become the first American rock group to perform at a concert in Havana, Cuba. This concert attracted 70 thousand people. Cornell said, “Hopefully, this concert will help to open the musical borders between our two countries.” The 26-song set concert was the longest the band had ever played.

Revelations is Audioslave’s fourth studio album, which was released worldwide on September 4th, 2006. This album topped the rock charts in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. In 2007, Audioslave disbanded. But the group got back together, one night only, for Prophets of Rage’s Anti-Inaugural Ball, which protested Donald Trump’s inauguration for President of the United States.

2007 – Present

Chris Cornell Net Worth 2017

Rick Diamond/Getty Images

After Audioslave broke up, Cornell went back to his solo career. On June 5, 2007, the star released his second solo album, entitled Carry On. Cornell then spent the next few years supporting bands like Linkin Park and Aerosmith on tour. Cornell has also worked as the producer for Timbaland’s third studio album Scream.

In November 2011, Cornell released an acoustic live album called Songbook, which debuted at number 69 on the Billboard 200. He sang classic songs like “Black Hole Sun,” “Fell On Black Days,” and even did a cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Cornell released his final solo studio album Higher Truth on September 18, 2015.

Soundgarden reunited on January 1, 2010. They headlined Lollapalooza 2010 and performed on the second episode of TBS’ Conan comedy talk show. Their sixth and final studio album King Animal was released in November 2012 and received very positive reviews. The group remained active up until Cornell’s death on May 17, 2017.

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