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Amanda Taylor Photos: Full Story & Pictures Of Selfie Killer


Amanda Taylor stabbed her 59-year-old father-in-law, Charles, at his home in Ellett, Virginia, in 2015. Now 26-years-old and in jail for life, Taylor spoke with Crime Watch Daily about the crime while also revealing that she had a “weird obsession” with ISIS before her arrest.

What Happened?

Amanda Taylor murdered Charles Taylor in April 2015 by stabbing him repeatedly at his home. She then took a selfie with the dead body and explained her actions as “just something that made me really happy.”

Taylor was sentenced to life in prison for the attack which she carried out following her husband Rex’s suicide in August 2014.

Taylor, a 26-year-old mother of two, showed no remorse for her actions.

As she tells Crime Watch Daily via a phone interview in prison: “I have absolutely no remorse for what I did to Charlie Taylor at all. I did exactly what I wanted to do.”

Taylor insists that she killed her father-in-law as revenge for her husband’s suicide, which she blames on him.

“I just wanted him to feel the pain I felt. That’s the most alive I’ve felt since Rex died,” she said.

On April 4, Taylor attacked her father-in-law at his house with a bayonet-style knife.

When describing the killing, Taylor said: “I was very happy, I was very happy just to finally get all that built-up hate and anger and all those feelings out on him.

“When I stabbed him I didn’t see anything and he just looked at me and he was like ‘what are you doing?’ and as I was stabbing him, he had reached up and got my hair.

“I continued to stab him but he kept yelling and it made me nervous so Sean took the crow bar, the tire iron or whatever, and hit him in the back of the head.”

Sean is Sean Ball, her accomplice in the murder who she later turned on while running from authorities.

After the murder, Taylor posed for a selfie with the dead body and the knife.

“I was just really excited and I was like hey I’m gonna take a picture so I can post it and show everyone. It was just something that I, it made me really happy,” she continued.

Taylor also revealed that she tried to contact ISIS before her arrest but that she never received a response. She claims she did not want to join the terror group, but that she had a “weird obsession” with them.

“I wasn’t trying to join ISIS. I wasn’t going to go blow anything up in the name of, you know. I had this weird obsession with it for a minute and I tried to reach out but obviously nothing happened from it,” she said.

Amanda Taylor

Amanda Taylor is a 26-year-old mother-of-two who is serving life in prison for stabbing her 59-year-old father-in-law to death and then taking a selfie with the dead body and murder weapon in 2015. She claims the attack was in revenge for the suicide of her husband in 2014.

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