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Anaheim Ducks vs. Edmonton Oilers Game 7 Live Steam: How To Watch NHL Playoff Game Online


What a rollercoaster ride this series has been. The Oilers were able to take away a big win in game six to force a game seven against the Ducks. The power in this series seems to shift from game to game and these two evenly-matched teams just can’t seem to find consistency from game to game. Whatever rust these two teams have, they need to take a note from Taylor Swift and “Shake it off”, as only one team can advance to the next round.

The Ducks need to find their groove because their season could end if they cannot pull out a win tonight. They got walloped big in game six and just did not look like the team that swept the Flames in the first round. The Oilers just dominated the Ducks on the ice and gave them no room for Anaheim to even try to compete. Two overtime wins helped thrust the Ducks to a series lead and a possibility of knocking out the Oilers, but the young Canadian team was not willing to go out without a fight. Anaheim needs to step up their game and put the Oilers in their place if they want a shot at the third round. They have the home crowd cheering them on, so the Ducks need to soar above the competition instead of quacking in the face of defeat.

The Oilers looked unstoppable in game six, as a 7-1 final score proved that this team can and will dominate if need be. Connor Mcdavid has relit the fire and passion that this team had shown back in the day and they look like a Stanley Cup contender. With a hat trick at home and the cheering from their fans, this team does not want to disappoint their history of winning. The threat of elimination seemed to only propel this team forward, so they are looking to use this momentum to knock out the Ducks. Even if the Oilers do not win tonight’s game, the fans should not lose heart. Edmonton will be the team to beat in the coming years.

The Ducks and Oilers have been at each other’s throats this whole series, so get ready for an action-packed game seven. You do not want to miss this matchup, so check below to see all your viewing options for game seven.

Anaheim Ducks vs. Edmonton Oilers Game 7 Viewing Details

Date: Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Time:  10:00 P.M. EST
Location: Honda Center, Anaheim, Californa
TV Channel: NBC Sports (Check local listings)
Live Stream: NBC Sports Live

How To Live Stream Ducks vs. Oilers Game 7 Online

Your best bet for watching the Ducks battle the Oilers via a live stream is NBC Sports Live Extra. You will need your log-in and password information for your cable or satellite provider and you’re good to go.

If you don’t have access to a cable or satellite log-in, you can live stream the game online through DIRECTV NOW. DIRECTV offers a free seven-day trial, so you’ll receive a full seven days free before your paid membership begins. If you cancel your subscription within the week, you will not be charged. DIRECTV NOW is available on Desktop, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast.

If you don’t have access to a cable or satellite log-in, you can watch the game through Sling TV. Sling TV is service that allows subscribers to watch live and on-demand TV channels on TVs, computer or mobile device for a monthly fee. It’s just like a cable or satellite TV service, except it’s delivered over the internet. The service’s Orange package includes NBC and costs $20 a month, but you can sign up for a free seven-day trial. If you cancel your subscription within a week, you will not be charged. Once signed up, simply download the app for your computer to start watching.

Please note: NBC on Sling TV & DIRECTV NOW is only available in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Chicago, Hartford-New Haven, L.A., Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, Washington, D.C.

Watch Ducks vs. Oilers Game 7 On Phone, Tablet Or Mobile

If you can’t watch today’s game on your TV or computer, NBC has you covered with their NBC Sports app. As long as you have a cable or satellite provider, you can download the app for free in the App Store, the Google Play store, or the Windows Store.

You can also watch the game on the Sling app. Sign up for a free Sling trial and download their app from the App store or Google Play store. There is also a Sling app for Apple TV, Xbox One, Roku, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV.

DIRECTV also has a DIRECTV NOW app on App Store and Google Play store where you can watch Anaheim vs. Edmonton for free if you sign up for the seven-day trial and cancel it before the trial period ends.

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