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Greg Olsen’s Younger Brother Kevin, Former Top QB Prospect, Indicted On Rape Charges


Kevin Olsen, the younger brother of Carolina Panthers Hall of Fame (probably) tight end, Greg Olsen, has been indicted by a North Carolina Grand Jury on charges of rape.

Olsen, who was a quarterback for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Towson University, and the University of Miami, remains free on $103,000 bail.

In February, he was charged with felony second-degree forcible rape, cyberstalking, assault on a female and second-degree forced sex.

via NJ.com:

A woman who dated Olsen told investigators the athlete struck her with a pillow, then his fist before sexually assaulting her three times.

Olsen was arrested Feb. 19 and suspended from the Charlotte 49ers. The team represents the NCAA Division I sports teams of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Both Greg and Kevin Olsen are graduates of Wayne Hills high school, where their father coached. I also graduated from Wayne Hills high school and spent two years at school with Kevin. Similarly, most of my friends were on the football team (I was not, as I a foot fairy back then, or so they called it), so I would always hear about the inner workings of the team, Kevin included.

My two sense? I think what happened to Kevin is a result of what I call the ‘Todd Marinovich Syndrome.’ For those unfamiliar, Marinovich was a former quarterback who played for the Los Angeles Raiders. Marinovich is known for the well-documented, intense focus of his training as a young athlete, and for his brief career upon reaching the professional leagues that was cut short primarily because of his addiction to drugs.

From my point of view, that’s essentially what happened to Olsen.

Growing up, whether it be through my personal exchanges with him, or what my buddies on the football team would say about him, he was by all accounts a good kid. Spoiled, cocky, little off, sure? But he was a kind kid. If you’ve ever heard Greg Olsen speak, it isn’t hard to imagine, either. Dude seems like he’s the nicest guy in the NFL. Hell, even their father, the stereotypical ‘hard ass football coach’ was actually a super, super friendly, polite, kind dude.

Olsen’s life was built around football, practice, and family, never giving him a chance to properly mature. From what I remember, he barely drank in high school, and certainly never smoked. In fact, he never did anything wrong because he was under his dad’s thumb. However, once the reigns were adjusted, and Olsen was given more control of his own life, I think the wheels fell off, and his missed opportunity at a chance to properly mature really showed.

I think that kind kid that Kevin was, was worked so hard throughout adolescence that by the time he was given a taste of freedom, it all unraveled, and then snowballed from there.

It’s just, back in 2013, when Olsen’s troubles began, I never thought it would snowball to this point.

But again, this is just my opinion, so please take it with a grain of salt.

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